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    The Grand Prairie ISD has a long legacy of dynamic leadership dating back more than 100 years. It is the intent of the Board of Trustees to conduct a thorough search for the next great leader of Grand Prairie ISD. The Board is currently working to establish a timeline for the process of selecting a Superintendent. Please check this page for updates throughout the superintendent search.

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Superintendent Search Timeline

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    Search Development

    Goal: Meet with Board Members, Approve Timeline

    Dates: Late January

    In an upcoming board meeting, the agenda focuses on two key elements of the Superintendent Search. Initially, the Search Firm and the Board of Trustees will meet to align on the search's goals and expectations, ensuring mutual understanding and commitment. Subsequently, the board will review and aim to approve the search's official timeline, emphasizing the need for a clear, agreed-upon schedule. These discussions are critical for establishing a foundation that aligns with the board's vision.

    Stakeholder Input and Discovery

    Goal: Input

    Action: Post and Issue Community Surveys
    Dates: 02/05/24 - 02/09/24

    The Board aims to collect detailed insights on community expectations for the next Superintendent. To achieve this, a Community Survey will be distributed, focusing on gathering feedback regarding the desired qualities and credentials for the prospective leader.

    Action: Post and Issue Employee Survey
    Dates: 02/05/24 - 02/09/24

    The Board seeks to grasp school district employees' views on the Superintendent selection. An Employee Survey will be issued, designed to collect staff input on the attributes and experience they find important in a Superintendent.

    Action: Community Town-Hall Meeting
    Dates: 02/20/24 @ 5:30PM 

    The Board intends to actively engage with the community, addressing concerns and preferences. To this end, it will hold a f town-hall meeting, offering a forum for community members to share their views and expectations for the next Superintendent.

    Action: Student Round Table Discussions
    Dates: Middle February

    The Board is committed to incorporating student input, prioritizing their needs and viewpoints. It will organize round table discussions at high schools, led by student leaders, to gain a deeper insight into students' key needs and goals.

    Action: Community Leaders Roundtable
    Dates: Middle February

    The Board aims to enhance connections with community leaders, seeking to understand their perspectives and recommendations. A breakfast will be hosted for these leaders, establishing a cooperative space to address issues relevant to the Superintendent search and to build stronger relationships and shared insights.

    Action: Teacher Union/Reps Round Table
    Dates: Middle February

    The Board seeks to fortify relationships with teachers and educators, gathering their concerns and advice. A dinner will be organized for union representatives or selected campus teachers, setting the stage for collaborative discussions on the Superintendent search and enhancing mutual understanding and connections.

    Application Period and Recruitment

    Goal: Application Window

    Action: Open and Post the Position / Recruit Applicants
    Dates: 03/01/24 - 04/15/24

    The Board will convene to kick-start the search process and approve the Superintendent position's official job posting. Following this approval, the Search Firm will not only post and begin advertising the role but will also proactively initiate a recruitment campaign aimed at attracting qualified candidates. This dual approach ensures a thorough search and the engagement of potential applicants matching the desired profile.

    Action: Application Deadline
    Dates: 04/15/24 @ 12:00 noon

    Application officially closes. 

    Action: Application Review and Prepare Period
    Dates: Late April

    Board will review applications. 

    Interviews and Selection

    Goal: First Interview

    Action: First Round Interviews
    Date: Early May

    Board will conduct interviews. 

    Goal: Second Interviews

    Action: Second Round Interviews
    Date: Late May

    Board will conduct second round interviews. 

    Action: Lone Finalist Announcement
    Date: 6/3/2024

    Lone Finalist is Announced. 

    Goal: Selection of Lone Finalist & 21 Day Waiting Period 

    Action: 21 Day Waiting Period Starts
    Date: 6/3/2024

    A mandatory waiting period of 21 days will be observed following the announcement of the lone finalist. During this period, the Board will finalize the negotiated contract terms with the designated candidate.

    Action: Approval
    Date: 6/24/2024

    Officially approve the final negotiated contract for the designated Superintendent

    Superintendent Anticipated Start Date: 7/1/2024

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