Parent/School Compact

  • Austin Environemental Science Academy Parent/School Compact - English (Print Version - PDF)

    Austin Environmental Science Academy Parent/School Compact - Español (Print Version - PDF)

    Stephen F. Austin Elementary is committed to the belief that all students can learn and acknowledges that all of us – parents, teachers, students, and administrators – working together can make a positive difference in student achievement. The school will provide an optimum learning environment, which will enable students to experience success and achieve excellence in learning.

    Family Pledge
    As a parent, I want my child to have the best possible education and realize that strong school systems are essential. I, therefore, join with Stephen F. Austin Elementary in providing an optimum learning environment for my child by:

    • Assisting my child complete his or her homework assignments each night.
    • Talking with my child each day about what he or she has learned at school.
    • Reminding my child of the necessity of discipline at school – especially self-discipline.
    • Providing my child with a minimum of one hour (3 times a week) of uninterrupted time (without the television) that is devoted to an instructional activity such as homework or reading together.
    • Encouraging my child to show respect for school property.
    • Ensuring that my child safely returns all district materials and property after use.
    • Making sure that my child arrives at school on time each day and is prepared to learn.
    • Participating with my child in parent conferences and Academic Nights, and other schoolsponsored events.

    Each family is requested to read, discuss, sign and return this pledge to the teacher. By doing this, you will make the commitment to nurture and support your child in his or her educational endeavors.