Counseling Overview

  • Counselor Contact Information

    If you need to contact Bonham School Counselor Mrs. Crystal Hernandez, there are several ways you can reach her:


    Phone Number: 469-607-4334

    Office Number: 972-522-3111


    You can fill out the Counselor Appointment Form and provide the counselor with more information before your appointment. Once the form is submitted Mrs. Hernandez will give you a call to discuss your concern. 

    Click Here for the Form to Contact School Counselor

    Como poder Contactar a la Consejera

    Si necesita contactar a la consejera escolar de Bonham, Mrs. Crystal Hernandez, hay varias maneras de contactarla. Puede mandar un correro electronico o llamar al numero de arriba. Tambien puede llenar una forma para hacer una cita por telefono y asi proveer mas informacion a la consejera antes de su cita. 

    Correo electrónico:

    Teléfono por Google Voice: 469) 607-4334

    Teléfono de Oficina: 972)522-3111

    Haga Clic Aquí para llenar la Forma en Español y Contactar a la Consejera

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  • Google Classroom


    Google Classroom Code: kelqenp 


    Codigo de Clase Google: kelqenp

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  • Counselor’s Vision

    Equipping students with the necessary social and emotional skills to help them reach their developmental milestones in both academic and social settings.

    Counselor’s Mission

    To achieve an overall balance, the counseling program will work with all stakeholders to make decisions that will motivate and support students in reaching a higher level of success.  

    Stop Bullying/Para el Acoso Escolar 

    If you have concerns about bullying behaviors occuring at your child's school, there is an app where you can make an annonymous report, STOPit App. You can use it for any of our GPISD campuses.  

    Si tiene precupaciones sobre el acoso escolar y quiere hacer un reporte, se puede hacer por esta aplicacion STOPit App. Esta aplicacion se puede usar para cualquier escuela de GPISD.

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  • hand imprint Counselor Motto: Show Kindness One Hand at a Time

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