• For all students in grades 3 through 5 only. Students will not only learn how to play violin, viola, cello and double bass, but learn the culture of orchestra. Grade 3 will only learn violin. Grades 4 through 5 will be offered a choice of violin, viola, cello or double bass.

    Instrument Rental

    Students are not allowed to take instruments home. However, students are strongly encouraged to rent their own instrument. Here are some rental locations: Instrument Rental Locations

    Renting an Instrument vs. Buying an Instrument Online

    Renting Pro's: 
    - More for you money over time 
    - Store will replace or fix damages
    - Store will provide bigger instrument when your child outgrows their current instrument 
    - Assured good quality in sound and instrument structure
    - Comes with case, instrument and instrument bow 
    Buying Online Con's: 
    - Quality will be bad in the way the instrument sounds
    - Quality of make will be bad: for example: edges will not be smooth, strings will break easily, instrument parts are not lined up correctly, weak gluing, instrument parts are not correctly sized causing other issues to arise. 
    - The time and money spent fixing the instrument will be more than what you paid. 

    What Other Supplies Are Needed? 

    Violin and Violas Only 

    - Rented violin, bow and case (comes together)
    - Rosin (sometimes that comes with the rental, double check with sales)
    - Shoulder Rest in my instrument size (purchase separately) 

    Cellos Only

    - Rented cello, bow and case (comes together)
    - Rosin (sometimes that comes with the rental package, double check with sales)
    - Rock stop (disk is okay, but not as effective as a strap or gel square)