Student Information Services (PEIMS)
    Division of Technology & Information Services
    Our mission is to manage and maintain the district's Student Information System and PEIMS while creating collaborative partnerships with all campuses and departments, through providing real-time information, knowledge, and resources to support student success. We believe that maintaining a high level of data integrity is vital to support the goals of our students, staff, and district.
    PEIMS is the abbreviation for the Public Education Information Management System. It is a data collection system for gathering student, staff, financial, and organization data from school districts and education service centers.

    All Texas School districts are required to adopt and maintain a student accounting system, which includes procedures that will ensure the accurate collecting, recording and reporting of all student accounting data. This data is reported to the Texas Education Agency via the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). State law mandates participation in PEIMS.

    Support Desk (PEIMS)      972-237-5333
    Bill Young Director of Student Information Services bill.young@gpisd.org 972-522-2909
    Leslie Stull PEIMS Coordinator leslie.stull@gpisd.org 972-237-5333
    Melissa Kirby PEIMS Specialist melissa.kirby@gpisd.org 972-237-5333
    Sharon Marshall PEIMS Specialist sharon.marshall@gpisd.org
    Claudia Lumbreras PEIMS Specialist claudia.lumbreras@gpisd.org
    Dawn Cockfield PEIMS Specialist dawn.cockfield@gpisd.org