Parent/School Compact

  • We know that learning can take place only when there is a combination of effort, interest, and motivation.  Because we are all committed to Daniel's progress, we are going to do our best to promote our student’s achievements.

    This agreement is a commitment to work together to improve learning.

    As a Student, I agree to:

    • Finish and turn in my assignments on time.
    • Attend school every day unless I am sick.
    • Do my best every day and tell my parents about it.
    • Follow the school and classroom rules so that everybody can learn and be safe.
    • Ask my teacher questions when I don’t understand something.
    • Go to my public or school library at least once a week.
    • Study or read every school night.
    • Give my parents the notes my teacher sends.

    As a Parent I agree to:

    • Talk to my child about school activities every day.
    • Find out how my child is progressing by attending conferences with the teacher.
    • Encourage good study habits at home.
    • Reinforce good behavior at school.
    • Attend school activities.
    • Support the classroom discipline plan.
    • Monitor my child’s attendance.
    • Contact my child’s teacher if I have any concerns.
    • Ensure my child eats healthful foods and gets enough sleep.

    As a Teacher I agree to:

    • Provide learning experiences that produce learning.
    • Encourage a positive self-concept in all my students.
    • Keep parents informed about progress and/or concerns.
    • Find out what techniques and materials work best for the students.
    • Support the parents.
    • Attend school activities.
    • Inform the parents about my homework philosophy.
    • Support high academic standards.
    • Remain steadfastly professional.

    As an Administrator, I agree to:

    • Provide support and instructional direction to both student and parent.
    • Provide a healthy and safe environment for the student and teacher in which to teach and learn.
    • Support high academic standardsEncourage school and home-learning partnerships.
    • Support a collegial and collaborative school environment.
    • Support professional development that promotes the best practice standards.
    • Remain steadfastly professional.

    Most importantly, we promise to help each other carry out this agreement.