5th Grade

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    Greetings Parents,

    The 5th grade teachers would like to make you aware of our homework expectations for the year. Your child will have homework in both reading and math each night, Monday-Thursday, this year. If this should change we will make you aware of those changes in advance, either by communication in student agenda's or via Skyward e-mail. 

    Students will be expected to read for 20 minutes each night in addition to paper and pencil homework. They will be provided a specific printed book to read. On Friday students will take a timed test over the book they have been reading each day. This test will help us to check both their fluency and comprehension. 


    5th Grade TPS Leadership Compact

    (Teacher Parent Student)

    Students Expectations

    1) Students will adhere to the 5th grade Code of Cooperation


     Code of Cooperation

    Say please and Thank you

    Make Friends and be thoughtful

    Arrive on Time and be prepared and ready to learn

    Respect yourself and Others

    Try your Best


    Teacher Expectations

    1)    Teachers will communicate with parents through agenda and/or Skyward e-mail. Please notify the school of any information changes that need to be made to Skyward. Please insure that you have a working e-mail on file in the Skyward system.

    2)    Teacher will post grades once a week.

    3)    Teacher will communicate progress throughout the year as assessments are given.

    4)    Teacher will communicate discipline concerns through the agenda or parents e-mail in a timely manner.

    5)    Teacher will partner with parents for student success.


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