2nd Grade

  •  Second Grade Teachers

    Welcome to the super, sensational second grade!! We are busy working on so many fun, engaging and challenging skills. Below you will find what we are currently focusing on.  We're so happy that you are part of our wonderful learning community! 


    • nonfiction text features
    • character traits in fiction 
    • retelling a fiction story in logical order
    • prefixes/suffixes
    • context clues
    • multiple meaning words
    • making inferences
    • making connections
    • making predictions


    • personal narratives
    • using punctuation marks correctly
    • nouns, verbs, adjectives


    • comparing and ordering numbers to 1200
    • telling time on a clock
    • words problems with addition and subtraction
    • fact families


    • physical properties of matter
    • changing matter with melting and cooling
    • building bridges
    • force and motion


    • national identity
    • state landmarks
    • characteristics of a good citizen