1st Grade


    First Grade Conference Time: 10:10-11:00  

    First Grade Team

     First Grade Handbook

    Welcome to first grade at Mike Moseley Elementary! We are proud and excited to have your children as a part of our classes. First grade is a time for students to grow both academically and socially and we look forward to sharing all of their achievements with you. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call, email, or schedule a conference with your child’s teacher.

    Each day is filled with many opportunities to read: the weekly focus poem, a shared book, guided reading in a small group setting and reading workshops. Through a balanced literacy program including Empowering Writers, students write, review, and edit their own compositions. The students are also being taught to think mathematically and to reason. With lots of "hands on" lessons using a variety of manipulatives, they are learning to see relationships and patterns and to use numbers with confidence to solve problems. Social Studies is often integrated into reading lessons and focuses on relationships with the world around them. Science is often integrated into the mathematics program with a strong emphasis on experimentation and exploration.