Bilingual/ESL and Dual Language Program

  • We will provide our students with a rigorous bilingual learning environment that is culturally and linguistically relevant. Our students will become bilingual and biliterate contributors to a growing and competitive multicultural community.

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    The Dual Language Program is an additive bilingual education which promotes bilingualism, bi-literacy and multicultural development. The Bilingual Dual Language Program is a linguistic approach in the developmental growth of children developing their first language and adding a second language. For English dominant learners, language arts and mathematics supports their native language development, while science and social studies is learned in the L2. Similarly, for Spanish dominant learners, science and social studies supports their native language development, while mathematics is learned in the L2.

    Our Bilingual/ESL Program provides our students with the skills necessary to be fluent English speakers, readers and writers. Our ESL classrooms utilize comprehensive English development methodologies and focus on a language acquisition approach to encourage English.