• Mrs. Hahn-Davis, Mrs. Campos, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Young


    Dear Parents: 

    Welcome to Kindergarten at Lee Elementary! We are looking forward to a fabulous year, especially with your children in our class. We also assume that some of the children (and parents) are a bit nervous about the first day of kindergarten. Honestly, we are too. Every year, we have butterflies when we walk out to the playground to see all of the children! 

    We really hope your child is excited about beginning the school year...all of the anxieties about the “newness” will soon disappear and we will all be having such a great time as we start learning our routines and making friends to enjoy throughout the year. 

    Kindergarten Information


    Students have the option of eating breakfast in the classroom as soon as they walk in in the morning.  Breakfast begins as soon as they walk into the classroom and ends at 8:10 a.m.  If you wish your child to have breakfast, please ensure that they get to school before 8:10 a.m.


    If your child has to take any type of medication, please deliver it to the office.  The teachers are not allowed to give out any type of medication and the students are not allowed to keep it in their backpack to take themselves.  This includes cough drops.


    Kindergarteners eat lunch at 10:30-11:00 a.m.  The students sit at their designated table.  During lunch, they are to sit in their spot correctly and monitor their talking.  They are not to share their food or drink with any other students including food that is brought from home.  Students are allowed to sit with their parent during lunch time when they visit.  However, the student is not allowed to bring other friends to join him/her and his/her family.


    Each Kindergarten class has a designated recess time.  Students will have some form of recess daily unless they misbehave or have not completed homework/class work.  If a student has misbehaved, 5-10 minutes of recess time could be taken away.  If the student has committed a serious offense or has had a difficult time following the rules most of the morning, recess may be taken away for the entire time.  


    Every students is allowed to check out books from the library and will be held responsible for them.  Every Kinder teacher has their designated library day.  If your child loses their book(s) or destroys it by writing or coloring in it, or by tearing the pages, it will be the parents' responsibility to pay for the book(s).  Please speak to your child about taking care of our library books.


    Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:20 at the back of the school by the kinder hall exit.  Your child has been instructed to remain in line with the teacher until all students are out and the teacher is ready to dismiss.  Please do not call your child out of the line.  We want to ensure the safety of ALL students. Your child will be dismissed when he/she is instructed to.

    If someone other than the parents are to pick up a student after school, the teacher and the office staff MUST BE NOTIFIED ahead of time!  Teachers will not allow a student to leave with someone other than the designated person(s).

    Take Home Folders

    Each student will receive and take home a folder daily that includes a behavior chart, homework, and may include resources, and other important information.  Please review your child's folder daily and ensure that it comes back to school every day.


    Students will receive a ‘colored face’ for their behavior on a daily basis in their take home folder. Each color represents a behavior--green (excellent); yellow (good); orange (misbehaved and was reprimanded); red (a serious offense and warrants a meeting with the parents/administration).  Please make sure you review your child's folder daily to review their behavior for that day.


    Students will have homework sent Monday thru Thursday.  There will be no homework over the weekend because we feel that the students need to rest.  However, it will be sent back home to complete over the weekend or during recess time if it is not completed by that Friday when it is due. 


    The teachers will assist the students in tying their shoe laces up until December.  On January 4th, we will stop tying shoe laces due to the fact that we have many other skills that we need to teach your child before they move onto 1st grade.  We ask that you, the parent, teach your children how to tie their shoe laces. 

    Field Trips

    During the school year, we try to plan field trips for our students.  If you wish to accompany us on our trip, you must fill out a Criminal Investigation form located in the office.  This form takes about 2-3 weeks to process.  This must be done prior to attending any activities with the students.