Bilingual / ESL

  • Vision Statement  

    To continually develop and promote bilingual and bi-literate academically successful students through effective Bilingual/ESL programs.
    Mission Statement

    We will ensure student achievement through rigorous academic opportunities by providing research-based best practices for ELLs that value their linguistic, academic, and cultural experiences.

    Bilingual/ESL Programs 

    Our Bilingual/ESL Programs provide all students with the skills necessary to be fluent English speakers, readers and writers in our diverse society. ESL classrooms in grades PK-12 utilize comprehensive English development methodologies and focus on a language acquisition approach to encourage English proficiency in the ESL classroom and proficiency in both English/Spanish in the elementary Bilingual classroom.  

    The GPISD Dual Language Program is an additive bilingual education model starting at PK-5 which promotes bilingualism, bi-literacy and multicultural development. Bilingual/ESL Programs afford all teachers support by presenting effective, consistent, researched-based staff development and training to meet the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of Bilingual/ESL and Dual Language students.

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