Kelley Meeks

Phone: (972) 522-6910


Degrees and Certifications:

Angelo State University, University of North Texas Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education Master's Degree in School Counseling Vision Statement: The vision for the students at Powell is that they would grow to be well-rounded individuals able to successfully adjust in our ever-changing society. They will also be kind, compassionate individuals who are ready to make a positive change in the world. Mission Statement: The mission of Powell Elementary's counseling program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program for all students focusing on academic, career, and social/emotional development. Focusing on these areas will provide a strong foundation for the students which will assist them as they develop into independent, successful, kind individuals.

Kelley Meeks

My name is Kelley Meeks, and it is my pleasure to serve as the school counselor at Powell. I received my Bachelor's degree at Angelo State University in Early Childhood Education and my Master's Degree in School Counseling at UNT.

Being a teacher was my dream from a very early age, and I do believe it is a calling. That calling changed to counseling after a few years of teaching because I saw my students coming to school with problems or facing problems at school that were affecting them in the classroom. I wanted to help meet their emotional needs, not just their academic needs.

I love children and enjoy working with them and helping them with issues they may be facing that might impede their academic success. My goal, when working with our students, is to help them learn coping strategies and ways to handle these issues. I believe that students must have their emotional needs met so they can truly be successful. They need to feel loved and safe.

Introduction / Mission of Counseling Program

The school counselor is a trained professional who works as part of your child's team. School counselors work in partnership with students, teachers, parents, and the community to help your child to have a successful and positive school experience. School counselors understand that each child is different. Some students just need someone to listen to their concerns, whereas others may need help in developing problem solving and decision-making skills. Whatever the concern, the school counselor is there to listen to your child and to help your child to feel safe and comfortable within the elementary school.

Sometimes parents need support and guidance as well. School counselors are also trained to work with parents and can be seen as a great resource to the parents and school staff. The mission of the Counseling Office is to promote student success by providing academic, career, personal, and social counseling.


Individual Counseling: Provide a supportive and confidential environment for students to work toward personal, social, and academic growth.

Group Counseling: Group sessions are now being offered to students, which may include Divorce, Grief, and Study Skills.

Guidance Lessons: Classroom Guidance lessons include: Anti-Bullying, Careers, Drug & Tobacco Awareness, Self-Awareness, Appropriate Behavior, and other important topics.

Mediation/Conflict Resolution: Provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for students to communicate feelings and differences in order to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner.

Transitional Support: Assist in orienting students as they move from daycare to elementary school as well as from elementary school to the middle school.

Parent/Teacher Support: Consult with parents and teachers to develop appropriate academic and social supports needed for students' personal and academic success.