• 6th grade:

    1st Nine Weeks- Students will understand whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers, factors and multiples, as well as, applying operations to whole numbers fractions and decimals. 

    2nd Nine Weeks- Students will study proportionality and algebraic representations and applications.  Students will also explore geometry with angles, triangles and quadrilaterals.

    3rd Nine Weeks- Students will apply measurement to two-dimensional figures, capacity, weight, time, temperature and volume. Students will also cover statistical representations and analyze them. 

    4th Nine Weeks- Students will study probability and learn how to make connections between all concepts. 


    7th grade: 

    1st Nine Weeks- Students will understand and learn how to apply operations to integers and positive rational numbers. They will also study applications of similar figure representations. 

    2nd Nine Weeks- Students will study geometry as it applies to coordinate planes, graphing transformations, and perspectives. Students will also examine algebraic expressions and equations.

    3rd Nine Weeks: Students will apply measurement to two and three dimensional figures along with analyzing statistical representations.

    4th Nine Weeks: Students will explore probability and learn how to make connects between all concepts.


    8th grade: 

    1st Nine Weeks: Students will study operations of rational numbers as well as proportionality. 

    2nd Nine Weeks: Students will review transformations on a coordinate plane and perspectives. Students will explore algebraic representations, irrational numbers and Pythagorean Theorem. 

    3rd Nine Weeks: Students will apply measurements to two and three dimensional figures, discuss probability, and analyze statistical representations. 

    4th Nine Weeks: Students will discover how to make connections to other concepts and investigate the graphing calculator.


  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has tips and ideas on how you can help your child be successful in school. 

    Figure This! discusses how family members are crucial to student success. This site provides informational brochures to help families become more involved.

    TEA provides the essential student expectations required to be successful at passing the STAAR. The TEKS for grades 6-8 are provided in the link below. 

    This online math dictionary for kids gives students an opportunity to make connections between vocabulary words and examples while at home. 

    Our Holt Mathematics textbook provides homework help, a multilingual glossary, lab resources, parental resources as well as games. Note: 6th grade is Course 1, 7th grade is Course 2, and 8th grade is Course 3. 

    Khan Academy is an online lesson resource that provides practice as well as teaching videos for students struggling. 

    Texas Success is a website that provides supplemental practice for students in any struggling area. It provides full lessons as well as videos. This is self paced and can be used as a tutoring or recovery tool.