• The math department at Fannin works very hard to ensure that all our students are getting the help that they need. We offer tutoring both before and after school. Please have your student check with their math teacher to set up tutoring times that work for you.

    To help your child at home, please continue to quiz your students on their multiplication facts. These should be memorized, and your student should be able to give you an accurate response within 2 seconds. Practicing this as you drive, cook, after dinner, or whenever you can squeeze in a few minutes will really help your child with both multiplication and division. These skills are needed for the advanced math that they are headed into in high school.


    Use Edmodo for a reviewing concepts in Math and homework assignments.

    Think Through Math
    Use Think Through Math for in depth practice that is designed for each individual student's needs. A live tutor is there to help you. Compete with your fellow students, earn points and win prizes!

    KHAN Academy
    Khan Academy will provide resources and live instruction for a variety of concepts.
    Simply search topics for help!

    Use the Gaggle website to check gaggle email and use Gaggle as a tool to clarify questions and get video instructions!

    This website lists several helpful tools for math including measurement, tables and formulas, factors and fractions, and the different types of numbers. Many options are good to have to for basic facts.