Clubs and Organizations

  • Fannin Middle School has a variety of clubs to enhance our students' middle school experience. At Fannin, we firmly believe in offering extracurricular fun that is linked not only to what students are learning during the day, but also what they have a passion for exploring.

    1. Boy's Soccer Society

    2. School Newspaper

    3. Girl's Soccer Society

    4. Spanish Club

    5. Computer Game Programming

    6. Arts & Crafts

    7. Fashionista Club

    8. Music Production

    9. Wolf Pack Spirit Club

    10. Rachel's Club

    11. Sewing & Knitting Club

    12. Computer & Board Games

    13. The Fannin Ladies' Mentor Club

    14. Fannin Yearbook

    15. NJHS

    16. Music Critics' Club

    17. Film Critics' Club

    18. Debate Club

    19. Math Club

    20. Cooperative Board Game Club

    21. Student Government

    22. Health Club