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    • College & Career Readiness
    • Parent Resources
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Coping Skills:tips and tricks to build a healthy mind
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  • Vision Statement

    The vision of the Jackson Middle School counseling program is to empower students to reach their maximum potential by promoting growth in academic, career and social-emotional domains. Our students will be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and positive contributing members of society to meet the challenges of a diverse and changing global workforce.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Jackson Middle School Counseling Department is to engage all students in a comprehensive counseling program, which will equip them with the necessary tools to SOAR and be successful. We will address the academic and career goals of our students as well as their social-emotional needs to support them in reaching their maximum potential. To achieve this, we will partner with administrators, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to advocate for and ensure equity, access, and success for all students.

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  • Counseling Overview

    The middle school years—more than during any other stage of life—are filled with dramatic changes in life experiences, body changes, intellectual growth, and emotional expansion. It is both an exciting and challenging time in an adolescent’s life. The counselors at Jackson Middle School are here to support students during this period of transition and growth by helping them to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others, succeed in school, and grow to become responsible and productive members of the community.

    Each counselor is committed to helping students: 

    • Learn and practice skills that assist with healthy and responsible decision-making. 
    • Nurture the confidence and aspirations that are critical in preparing for college and career. 
    • Develop a resilience to overcome challenges in school and life. 
    • Maintain high expectations by providing adequate supports, building social capital, and conveying the conviction that all students can achieve.  

    The counseling office at the middle school level provides support services to students in a variety of ways:


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  • Animal Assisted Therapy at Jackson Middle School- What is it and Who Can Participate?

    Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

    • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
    • Builds positive self-esteem
    • Reduces stress-inducing hormones and raises happiness hormones within the body -Provides non-judgmental, selfless love and attention
    • Can enhance cognitive development
    • Can promote more prosocial behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders
    • Helps decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation
    • Increases social and verbal interactions in children with speech concerns or shy behavior -Aides in turning off anger, anxiety, and depression

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How did Mrs. Ali get registered for AAT? - Mrs. Ali and Charlie are registered through Pet Partners, a national training and evaluation group.
    • What about kids with asthma and allergies? - Therapy animals must be bathed within 24 hours of making a visit and parents may request that their child doesn’t interact with Charlie by indicating on the form below.
    • Has Charlie ever bit anyone? - No, not only is Charlie a registered therapy dog, but she also passed her Canine Good Citizen test.
    • How big is the therapy dog? - Charlie is a mini Australian Shepherd, so she is a smaller breed. She weighs around 30 pounds and is extremely calm and laid back. She has been a therapy dog for almost a year and loves kids!
    • Can we send our dog to school? - No, to be a therapy animal, extensive training and registration is required. Mrs. Ali and Charlie even have to retest regularly to maintain their accreditation.
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Degrees and Certifications:

Charlie Ali

AAT Therapy Dog

We are excited to announce that Jackson will have a therapy dog on campus this year! Mrs. Ali, will be bringing her therapy dog, Charlie, to work weekly with our students. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is more than just playing with a pet. AAT is overseen by a human services provider (the counselor and handler, Mrs. Ali) as part of their profession. AAT is goal-directed; there is a specific end in mind such as improving social skills or encouraging positive behavior choices.

 Mrs. Ali and her therapy dog, Charlie, have undergone extensive training and evaluations to be registered as a Pet Partners Team. Charlie is an 8-year-old mini Australian Shepherd. She had to obtain certifications in the areas of health, behavior, and temperament before being approved for AAT. Mrs. Ali attended seminars and showed excellent pet handling skills to qualify as a handler under the program as well.

At Jackson Middle School, Charlie and Mrs. Ali will provide AAT for students whose parents give permission for them to participate in the program. Charlie will be at JMS on Mondays and Fridays and will serve in various aspects of the counseling program. Charlie will be supervised by her handler, Mrs. Ali, at all times and will be on-leash in the common areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Mrs. Ali a call. She will be happy to help you! Her office number is 972-343-7523 and her email is



Degrees and Certifications:



Degrees and Certifications: