English Language Arts

  • English Language Arts involves reading and writing. This year, all ELA classes will be double blocked into 90 minute periods. Students will have more time to dive deeper into their understanding of reading and writing. Although, reading and writing is integrated into every core class, ELA provides the specific understanding and teaching of the reading and writing student expectations (SE).

    Academic Facilitator

    Jena Aust

    6th Grade Language Arts

    K. Buentello, K. Soesbee, C. French, D. Lackey, S. Lee 

    7th Grade Language Arts

    Seventh grade students will take both the reading and writing STAAR exam.

    D. Munlin, K. Thiot, T. Rush, C. Stephens

    8th Grade Language Arts

    In 8th grade, students must pass their 8th grade reading STAAR exam in order to be promoted to the 9th grade. Students will have to meet the criteria for the Student Success Initiative (SSI) to be promoted.

    B. Doane, J. Davis, R. Price, T. Allen, B. Evatt

    English I

    Students that take English I will take the End of Course Exam. This exam will be part of their high school transcript and students must score a certain score in order to move forward.

    L. Brooks


    AP Reading