• Science is the systematic study of the natural world. Our students get an opportunity to learn about science in a variety of ways. There are five general areas of investigation our students explore:

    1. The Nature of Science…where we learn how to safely and responsibly do experiments, collect and record information, and analyze the results.
    2. Life Science…where all aspects of life, from individual cells to whole ecosystems, are studied.
    3. Chemistry… where students learn about the properties of matter and how they interact with one another.
    4. Physics…where we explore the concepts of forces, motion, and energy.
    5. Earth and Space…where we examine systems below our feet, on the surface, in the air, and out into the depths of the universe.

    Every year they are here, our students have the opportunity to delve ever deeper into these topics. The knowledge they gain comes not mainly from reading about what others have learned but through investigations and experiments where they discover it for themselves. Science is cool!