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    The Grand Prairie ISD Advanced Academics Program is committed to ensuring that our highest ability learners are challenged to meet their potential and that curriculum and learning opportunities are in line with their needs, interests, and abilities.

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    Advanced Coursework Letter.  https://www.gpisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001872/Centricity/Domain/11822/Advanced%20Coursework%20Letter.pdf

    What is AP? What is Advanced?

    Grand Prairie ISD students at the secondary level may choose the challenge and rigor of Advanced and Advanced Placement courses. Advanced courses are vertically aligned to AP courses, and are designed to build the skills and knowledge that a student will need to be successful in the subsequent AP course. The primary goal of the Advanced/AP Program is to provide highly motivated students with an academically challenging, fast-paced, and enriched educational experience that will ultimately prepare them for college success. Participation in AP exams gives students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

    What are the benefits of Advanced and AP?

    The benefits of the Advanced/AP Program are numerous. In fact, research has shown that students who participate in AP courses outperform their peers in college, particularly in grades and graduation rates. Colleges and universities value students who choose to enroll in the most challenging courses available for them. AP courses on a transcript demonstrate to colleges that students are intellectually curious, unafraid of hard work, and capable of acquiring the knowledge and skills that will be expected at the college level. AP exam scores provide further proof that students are ready for the college experience. More than 90 percent of colleges across the nation currently offer AP credit for exam scores, saving students and their families thousands of dollars in college tuition, fees, and textbooks costs. Finally, the benefits of the AP Program extend beyond receiving college credit for exam performance. Advanced and AP courses encourage students to think critically and creatively, and to fine-tune analytical skills. Students learn how to manage their time as they deal with college prep and college-level work and develop independent study skills.

    What questions should students ask themselves before enrolling in an Advanced or AP course?

    • Have you completed pre-requisite coursework (if applicable)?
    • How well do you work independently?
    • How will you manage your time to accommodate the increased homework, reading, and writing that are part of the Advanced curriculum?
    • How hard are you willing to work to be successful in the course? Do your current grades in this subject area reflect this willingness?

    Other factors to consider:

    • Advanced courses are the best way to prepare students for the rigor of AP coursework.
    • Due to the faster pace and more challenging nature of Advanced/AP classes, students may initially experience a drop in grades. Over time, students generally adjust to the rigor and pace.
    • Additional support and encouragement from parents and teachers are important to help the student persist when a course becomes challenging.

    GPISD Advanced course change

    Click the following link for more information https://www.gpisd.org/cms/lib/TX01001872/Centricity/Domain/11822/PreAP%20course%20change%20Eng%20Spanish.pdf