Dress Code for YWLA



    Grades 6-12

    • Black slacks (slit pockets on the back not patch type pockets like on jeans)
    • YWLA skirt – black/gray – to be ordered from the school beginning Aug. 12 and running through mid-October (until the manufacturer’s web site for YWLA is up and running)
    • Red, Black or White polo shirts
    • Red, Black or White plain button up blouses (shirts)
    • Black, Red or White sweaters (plain)
    • YWLA sweatshirts (hoods may not be worn in the building)
    • Plain (no wording or logos) sweatshirts in Black, Red, White
    • Black, white OR Black & white shoes (no high top converse)
    • Hair must be a natural color (no blue, green, red, etc.)


    Students who are out of dress code will be:

    • given appropriate slacks or polos to wear if the correct size is available OR
    • allowed to call home for correct attire OR
    • placed in ISS for remainder of the day


    Additions to the dress code for our 9th – 12th grade girls will be added in the near future. Be watching for information. (This includes senior blazers!!!)


     NOTE: The skirt will be our OFFICIAL uniform and can be worn any school day but will also be the attire for visits to other YWPN campuses, etc.