Dress Code

  • Dress Code for 2023-2024

    All students are expected to dress in uniform attire each and every day.

    Uniforms will consist of:

    Dress Code Examples

    • Black Pants: Pants must be slacks/pants, no black jeans

    • No jeans or jean material will be permitted

    • No tight and/or stretchy material or jeggings

    Polo Shirts (with or without logo)

    • Middle School: Black or Red

    • High School: Black, Red, or White


    • School-approved red plaid skirt (sold at Levine’s)

    • Students who have last year’s gray skirt can wear the gray skirt

    • Wednesdays are “Skirt Days”; however, students are

    encouraged to wear skirts everyday


    • Cardigan style

    • Black


    • Black or Red solid colors

    • School-issued jackets

    Sweatshirts/Hoodies – Will not be permitted

    – Black, white, red, or a combination of black/white/red

    • No UGG boots or UGG style boots, no combat boots

    – Black or white

    High School
    – Interview attire is allowed on Mondays. Follow GPISD’s standards for professional dress when choosing your outfit (see handout you received at Class Chats); if you’re unsure if it’s professional dress, don’t wear it). No Sperrys (boat shoes), no tennis shoes if you’re in interview attire on Mondays.

    See Page 2 of the YWLA Dress Code 2022-2023 PDF File for information about purchasing uniforms from Levines.

    YWLA Dress Code 2022-2023 Google Doc


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