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    The YWLA Business Marketing Finance pathway offer students a rigorous liberal arts foundation coupled with real-world curriculum and hands-on instruction as well as internship opportunities in the fashion, business, marketing, and advertising industry where students will be able to practice their skills and network for future careers. Students learn and practice design techniques using a variety of media and technology. Presentation skills learned through our program help students prepare for and be competitive in a multitude of careers. College preparatory curriculum and AP and Dual Credit coursework, including AP Spanish and AP French, help our Business Marketing Finance students get a jump start on college while still in high school, improving their chances of gaining admission into the prestigious college of their choice. The pathway also has opportunities for field-based exploration.

    BUSINESS & INDUSTRY ENDORSEMENT Business Marketing Finance Degree Plan



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    In this STEM based pathway, students will take a sequence of courses including Concepts of Engineering & Design, Biotechnology, Advanced Biotechnology, and Scientific Research & Design as well as optional electives such as Forensic Science and Medical Microbiology.  
    In the introductory Biotechnology course, students explore the world of biotechnology including the basics of microbiology, bioprocessing, genetic engineering, and biotechnology careers as well as examining the role of biotechnology in the medical field.  Some topics students examine include bioengineering, forensics, and food biotechnology. This course is a hands-on, experiment-based experience that will keep students interested with exciting lab-based learning and field-based exploration. Information about units in this course follows.
    Introductory Course Units: Biotechnology
    Exploring Foundations in Biotechnology, Careers related to Biotechnology, Basics of Biotechnology and Microbiology, Basics of Chemistry, Understanding Bio-processing, Investigating Genetic Engineering, Exploring Biochemistry, Examining All Aspects of Industry, The Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture, Biotechnology's Role in Medicine, Food Biotechnology, Applying Biotechnology to the Environment, Bioethics, Forensics, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, and Immunology.


    In this STEM based pathway, students will take a sequence of courses including Concepts of Engineering & Design, Engineering Design & Presentation, Advanced Engineering Design & Presentation, and Engineering Design & Problem Solving as well as electives such as computer science and computer programming. Students who complete this pathway will learn the concepts needed to develop their ideas into solutions that will improve our lives. Exciting hands-on learning activities like rating consumer products, destructive testing, drafting, design, presentation, career exploration, and 3D solid modeling.  The pathway also has opportunities for field-based exploration.  This pathway applies math, science, technology, history and English into its content.
    Introductory Course Units: Engineering Design and Presentation
    The Secret to Success (Failure), What is Engineering, Engineering Communications, Success in the Classroom, Systems and Optimization, History of Engineering, Kick out the Ladder, Teamwork and Concurrent Engineering, Measurement, Introduction to 3D Solid Modeling, Materials, Basic Electricity, Problem Solving, Design and Modeling, Traditional Engineering Disciplines, FastTrack RC Culminating Project

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