Parent/School Compact 2018-19

  • GPFAA Parent/School Compact 2018-19 (Print Version PDF)

    Acuerdo de Padres/Escuela de 2018-2019 (Versión Impresa PDF)


    • Ensure timely pick up from school, tutoring, school events, and fine arts events. (within 5 minutes of ending time)
    • Parents actively seek out information/ awareness of student /school information
    • Review homework assignments daily and encourage home reading weekly.
    • Encourage home learning opportunities to support the curriculum and fine arts.
    • Awareness of and support classroom discipline expectations.
    • Contact my child’s teacher to communicate any challenges to student progress.
    • Maintain a functioning email for communication purposes as well as–phone number, emergency contacts.
    • Support my child in participating in before and after school tutoring sessions.
    • Support all students in their school-sponsored competitions, performances, and practices.
    • Require proper notification of absences to attendance office
    • Encourage and reinforce positive behavior and celebrate academic and fine arts success.
    • Ensure students are at school on time daily, in attendance daily, and for fine arts functions.
    • Use respectful communication when emailing/speaking with school personnel


    • Be on time to school daily, to every class, and to all fine arts functions… PREPARED!
    • Demonstrate support for all strands at GPFAA.
    • Maintain all technology hardware and software accounts – Canvas, Laptop, iPad.
    • Balance Strand, Academic, and Family Expectations.
    • Maintain eligibility throughout the year.
    • Value all opportunities provided by GPFAA.
    • Citizenship and Digital Citizenship – To include Academic Honesty, Integrity, Respectful.
    • Be an equal and active partner in your education.
    • Uphold all GPFAA Expectations and the Vision: Extraordinary by Design.
    • Be a global thinker and dreamer – Planning for your future through your current actions.
    • Push GPFAA academic standards by maintaining an above average work ethic.
    • Respectfully communicate with parents, teachers, directors and community.
    • Expect to struggle and welcome the opportunity to learn from it.


    • Announce parent and community meetings via website posts, email notices, school calendars.
    • Ensure relevant homework assignments and reading materials.
    • Encourage school and home-learning partnerships via parent communication.
    • Provide well planned and necessary information and activities for students/parents.
    • Stress the importance of excellent attendance to parents and students.
    • Address parent concerns regarding any challenges to student progress in timely manner.
    • Create a school environment that celebrates student achievement, acknowledging achievement gains and good behavior.
    • Communicate before/after school academic activities and tutoring sessions to students.
    • Capture Kids Hearts Every Day – Get to know students on a personal level to promote positive relationships and learning.
    • Create positive learning environment consistent with GPFAA expectations.
    • Create lessons that teach, engage, and push students past their current knowledge.
    • Ensure all students grow academically, artistically, and personally.
    • Use respectful communication when emailing/speaking with parents/students/school.

    Vision:  Extraordinary by Design

    Mission: GPFAA is a school of choice intentionally focused on creating a unique school experience for the artistically and academically talented student. 

    GPFAA Initiatives:

    • Setting the Standards – Academically and Artistically
    • Pushing the Boundaries of Public Education
    • Capturing Kids/Parents/Community Hearts

    What Is a School Compact?

    A school compact is a written agreement between a school, its parents, and its students. The compact explains what families and schools can do to make a connection for the students between the two worlds they live in, home and school. Parent, students and the school work together to create  a group of ideas that can assist the students with realizing their potential. This becomes the compact that is signed as an agreement by all those involved in the student’s education.

    Administrators:  (972-343-6301)

    • Maria Schell, Principal
      • Linda Abraham, Campus Secretary
      • Bria Borunda, Receptionist
    • Rich Laffey, Dean of Fine Arts
    • Robert “Joe” Beck, Dean of Instruction
      • Giselle Avila, PEIMS
    • Gina Esparza, Assistant Principal
      • Sue Stucky, Attendance
    • Metric Manning, Admin Team
    • Jordan Fetter
    • Traci Bragg, Lead Counselor

    How will we communicate?

    • Canvas – by teacher
    • Skyward Gradebook – by student id number
    • Website –
    • Email – by staff member. - Example:
    • Facebook Page - Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
    • Remind (text messages) – One from the Principal/Strand/Classes
    • Twitter & Instagram - @GPFAA102
    • Individual Strand Sites

    Most importantly, we promise to help each other carry out this agreement.

    ________________________                        _____________

    Parent/Teacher (circle)                                  Date

    ________________________                        _____________

    Administrator                                                   Date

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