Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Application

  • Early applications for the 2022-2023 school year will open on Saturday, November 6 at 9am if you register for the 11th Annual GPISD Experience on our website.

    General applications will open to the public on Monday, November 8 at 8am.

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  • 2022-23 Application and Audition Information

    Hello Interested Families,

    We are now ready for qualified applicants to perform their GPFAA virtual audition for GPFAA. Please review the information on this page and ensure you and your child are ready to go. We have just a limited number of seats available so please make sure you submit your best “work” for our directors to review.


    The GPFAA Application Process at a Glance

    Applicant Completes GPFAA Application

    GPFAA Administrative Review
    (Academic, Attendance, Discipline)

    Audition Invitations Sent Out by GPFAA via email
    (Official Audition Submission Form will be attached)

    Applicant submits Audition via Official Audition Submission Form

    Video Only Submission

    • Art
    • Dance
    • Theatre
    • Vocal Music

    Video and/or Zoom Auditions

    • Jazz Band
    • Mariachi
    • Orchestra

    orchestra, vocal, art

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  • 2022-2023 GPFAA Application Timeline and Deadlines

    November 06, 2021: Application open for Experience attendee’s

    November 08, 2021: Applications open to the public

    December 03, 2021: Audition invitations sent out for In District (Round 1)

    December 11, 2021 (In District students): GPFAA Auditions for all Strands

    December 17, 2021 (In District students): Audition Results sent out (Acceptance, Denial, or Call Back)                                                                                       

    January 14, 2022: Audition Invitations sent out (In and Out of District): Round 2

    January 15, 2022: Auditions for all other Strands (In and Out of District): Round 2

    January 28, 2022: Call Back Auditions (From Round 1 and Round 2)

    January 28, 2022:  Audition Results sent out (Acceptance or Denial)

    February 08, 2022: New Student Induction Meeting at 7:00 PM

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  • Academic Eligibility Requirements

    All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered Academically Eligible.

    • Pass with an average of 80 in All Core Classes (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
    • 95% Attendance rate for the current year
    • Passed all areas of the State Assessments (STAAR or EOC) in the last administration *will not be required for the 2021-2022 schoolyear

    Acceptable Discipline Record for the current year.

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  • How to Submit

    Each of the 7 different Strands listed below have a different design for this virtual audition. Please read this over carefully to understand how they would like to have your child submit their audition. With our school closed for the remainder of the year for in-person gatherings, the need for this virtual audition should allow for just the very, very best your child has to show! If he/she didn't like the first "take," have them do it again and again until the very best is produced. (see below)

    Zoom Interviews

    The Directors may also be requesting an online conference, or a Zoom conference, for each new applicant. In order to complete this, we would like to send this Zoom meeting to the parent email (not a student email address) and will be sending out SignUp links to schedule these Zoom interviews/auditions. The parents are certainly permitted to be in the presence of the student during the Zoom interview, but we ask each family to allow the applicant to conduct / participate / answer the Zoom interview completely on their own.

    Results to Parents

    The audition results will be communicated via the email you provide in the application by Mr. Jordan Fetter via email. Please be aware that our directors do not provide audition feedback to any applicant or parents.


    If you have specific questions, please allow the director of each strand have the first shot at your question if it relates to the audition information provided here. If there are other questions about how, results, or other issues, feel free to contact Jordan Fetter, Dean of Fine Arts (intern) at:

    We are excited to see great auditions! Have fun!

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  • Strand Requirements


    Jazz Band




    Visual Arts

    Vocal Music

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  • Resume Example

    This is an example if needed.

    Resume example

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