2020-21 Application and Audition Information

  • The applications for all students will open on October 21.

    Click the Apply tab in the channel bar. 

    Apply Tab with an arrow pointing at Apply

    Please ensure the application requirements are reviewed prior to submitting an application for academic eligibility.

    Students must be academically acceptable before receiving an invitation to audition. Upon academic verification, parents will be contacted via email to schedule an appointment.

    The audition requirements for each strand are linked below. Students have the option to audition for two strands. If the student is selected for both, they will be placed in their first choice.

    orchestra, vocal, art

Résumé and Headshot

  • Résumé
    The student résumés are designed to assist our commonly nervous students during the audition interview. See the sample résumé posted on our website for general guidance. Often, we have very talented students that just become nervous when asked common questions by our directors. The purpose of the résumé is a conversation starter, used to leanr more about each applicant. Our directors use the résumés to realize past successes, awards, events, performances, academic accomplishments, community engagement and other helpful information placed on the resume. If possible, having the “headshot” picture printed right on the resume simplifies the process, but stapled pictures are just fine as well. Families are asked to bring enough resumes so that there is one for each Director and one for the Welcome Table. Most students bring three copies.

    GPFAA requests that each applicant have a “headshot” picture that is clear, and generally a close picture of just the applicant to remember each student. On audition day, we see hundreds of students and we like to write notes, remembrances and keep the resume/headshots so that final decisions are correct. Families are asked to use simple school pictures, or other low cost way to “see” each applicant. There is no need for large, custom color prints, full page sized pictures! If possible, copy/paste a good picture directly onto the resume and that will be suitable. See the Sample Student Resume that has a picture directly on the resume.

    Sample Résumé (Print Version PDF)

    Sample résumé

Academic Eligibility Requirements

  • All In-District applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered eligible:

    • Acceptable Attendance rate for the current year
    • Acceptable Discipline Record for the current year.

    All Out-of-District applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered eligible:

    • Pass with an average of 80%
    • Acceptable Attendance rate for the current year
    • Passed all areas of the State Assessments (STAAR or EOC) in the last administration
    • Acceptable Discipline Record for the current year.

Strand Requirements