• Welcome to the Jazz Band Homepage!

    The GPFAA Band strand is made up of some of the most talented students in the GPISD.  Membership is granted through an audition process each spring and summer for admission the following school year.  The GPFAA Band consists currently of three ensembles, which include the 6th Grade Beginning Band, the Middle School Honors Band, and the GPFAA High School Phantom Jazz Ensemble.  

    The focus at the GPFAA Band strand is to develop each student to their fullest potential and foster a love of music and an appreciation of America’s only true art form…jazz.  Band students will be provided opportunities to explore their interests in the band idiom while honing their performance skills to the highest level possible.  It is the purpose of the GPFAA Band strand to provide an exceptional and enriching experience through extensive music study and performance.

    Be sure to check the provided links for more detailed information, including director bios, important dates, media, and audition material.


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  •  Audition Information

    6th Grade Music Requirements

    Beginning band students that are interested in auditioning for the GPFAA Band Strand do not necessarily need any band or instrument experience.  Students should be able to meet the schools’ enrollment requirements and be willing to be placed on an instrument that best suites their interests and abilities.  We will have instrument placement try-outs the first week of school, and students will have the opportunity to try each available instrument in order to find the instrument to which they are most suited.  It is recommended but not necessary that students have a basic understanding of rhythm and note reading. 

    Note: If a student has previous band experience, they should plan on auditioning on their instrument.

    7th – 12th Grade Music Requirements

    Students will need to demonstrate proficiency on their instrument at an appropriate level by performing the following:

    ·       A prepared solo or etude of your choice

    ·       Major Scales (Concert Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, G, C, F)

    ·       Chromatic Scale (Full Range)

    ·       Sight-Reading


  • Jazz Band Awards & Accolades

    *2015 TCU Jazz Festival- Middle School and High School Jazz Ensembles received Excellent and Superior ratings

    *2015 Sandy Lake Music Festival- Middle School and Beginning Jazz Ensemble received straight ‘Superior’ Ratings

    *Spring 2015- GPFAA Jazz hosted faculty jazz combo from McNally-Smith College in St. Paul, Minnesota

    *Fall 2015- 5 GPFAA Jazz Band students won positions during the All Region Jazz Ensembles; 2 students won first chair placements

    *Spring 2016- GPFAA Jazz Ensemble 2 received straight ‘Excellent’ ratings at the 42nd annual University of Texas at Arlington Jazz Festival

    Spring 2016- GPFAA Jazz Ensemble 1 received straight ‘Superior’ ratings at the 42nd annual University of Texas at Arlington Jazz Festival; awarded first place in middle school class

    * Spring 2016- 15 GPFAA Jazz Ensemble students received accolades for ‘Outstanding Musical Performance’ at the 42nd annual University of Texas at Arlington Jazz Festival; 1 student received outstanding rhythm section performer of the competition