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    The mission of the Vocal Music strand at GPFAA is to develop and enhance the vocal abilities and skills of students who are pursuing music and choral art as a vocation and avocation. The students in the Vocal Music strand are challenged to instill self-discipline, teamwork, superior performance conduct, and demonstrate actions of young responsible musicians while exploring inspirational connections to singing. In additions to be being exposed to various genres and styles of choral literature, students will be provided with an enriched experience in music and high levels of academics that are steeped in great rigor and exemplar of district, state, and national standards.


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  • Vocal Music Awards & Accolades


    This year has spark to an amazing start for the vocal music strand. Here are some highlights on the vocal music strand.

    MS/HS- Wonderful Fall Festival production. Showcasing many GPFAA performing groups as well as other district performing groups.

    HS-52/58-Particapated in the Fall High School Musical, Big Fish as a Chorus Ensemble member or Casting Ensemble member.

    MS- Solo and Ensemble- 4/4 ensembles received superiors division 1 ratings.

    MS- Solo and Ensemble-66/68 received superiors division 1 ratings on their solo song. 2 received excellent division 2 ratings on their solos song.

    HS- 52/58 advanced to Round 2 in the All-State Process. 25 were in Top 5 chairs.

    HS-31 (with 3 alternate) Advanced to Round 3 in the All-State Process. 19 were in Top 5 chairs.

    HS-9/12  (with 3 alternates) Advanced to Round 4 in the All-State Process. 6 were in Top 5 chairs.

    HS- 5/5 made the Honor Treble Choir. 3 were in Top 5 chairs

    HS- 18 made the All District Choir.

    HS-31 made the All Region Choir

    HS -24 Advanced to the Area Round of Texas All State Choir Auditions

    HS-5 made the Honor Choir

    HS- Professor Jing Ling Tam- International Guest Artist

    HS- UTA- Vocal Workshops

    MS/HS- UTA Research Partnership- On Vocal Maturation- Changing Voice

    HS- 24 Advanced to the Area Round of Texas All- State Choir Auditions