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  • Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Singers

    The Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Vocal Music Strand consists of advanced 6th-12th grade vocalists. In the tenth year of existence, the energy, talent, and dedication of the students have exploded. The program has not only nurtured the lives of the students, but it has consistently ranked among the top choirs across the nation. Both middle and high school ensembles have won numerous best-in-class, overall outstanding, and grand champions awards nationwide.

    The Legacy Continues…

    This year, two of our groups have been selected to perform in very prestigious venues. Our Middle School: Tenor-Bass Singers have been selected to perform at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention this February. This is the first middle school ensemble to have ever been selected from Grand Prairie Independent School District.

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  • MS Tenor-Bass Singers

    MS Tenor-Bass Singers

    The High School: Tenor-Bass Singers have been selected to perform at the National American Choral Directors Association. They are the only high school Tenor-Bass ensemble to have been selected across the entire nation.

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  • HS Tenor-Bass SingersHS Tenor-Bass Singers

    Working Hard to be Great!

    Our students at GPFAA work diligently to be the best musicians they can be. They passionately put in the time before and after school, during evening and night rehearsals, and attending workshops and camps throughout the year. Please join me in CONGRATULATING our six TMEA 2022 All-State Choir members! Our students were chosen for this prestigious honor through a competitive process held this year across the state at District, Region, Pre-Area, and Area levels. Only 1,875 (2.6%) out of the 70,000 who started the audition process are selected to perform in one of the 18 ensembles. All-State performances will be held as part of the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention, February 8–11, 2023. Over 30,000 people from Texas and around the world are expected to attend.

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  • All-Staters 2023

    All-Staters 2023 

    Jadyn Thompson, 1st Chair Alto II (Mixed Choir)

    Kaylynn Langham, 1st Chair Soprano I (Mixed Choir)

    Mauricio Marin, 3rd Chair Bass I (Mixed Choir)

    Baylee Broom, 2nd Chair Soprano II (Treble Choir)

    Helena Gay, 4th Chair Alto I (Treble Choir)

    Golda Marcello, 6th Chair Alto I (Treble Choir)

    “It is great to see the dedication, discipline, confidence, and humbleness from this group! Students, remember to keep striving to do your best! Be patient, strategize, and continue to reflect as you lift one another up. Mind. Heart. Soul.” Mr. Duarte

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  • Join a Winning TEAM!

    The Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy ensembles consist of advanced 6th-12th grade vocalists committed to excellence within a diverse choral curriculum.  These ensembles have been consistent UIL sweepstakes award winners since the school's inception. Mr. Joel Duarte, high school director, and Ms. Alexis Galindo, middle school director, join together to lead the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy Vocal Music strand. This is a team of talented, driven, and exceedingly kind students who are passionate about music and can’t wait for others to experience their passion. Yes, our team, faculty, and students are incredible and have received numerous awards and recognition, but that is not what makes them a winning team. It is the belief that anything is possible with the right tools, work ethic, and community support - living out the saying… “Together, Everyone Achieves More!”

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