• Mission Statement

    The Department of Business Operations is responsible for managing the financial resources of GPISD to make the Grand Prairie schools the finest anywhere. Every transaction we complete leads to our ultimate goal: maximize student achievement. Budget decisions and resource allocations are made by the personnel who directly impact the learning process. Campus principals and staff play an active role in making requests that are aligned with the GPISD Six Plays. Significant budget savings were realized when we focused only on the six most critical areas identified for student achievement.

    They are:
    1. Vertical an Horizontal Alignment of Curriculum
    2. 5E Model of Instruction
    3. Data-driven Decisions
    4. Relational Capacity
    5. Intentional Leadership
    6. Visit What We Value

    GPISD staff is focused on these six plays and all expenditures are aligned with them. The GPISD Office of Business Operations is committed to excellence in financial management, customer service, and financial transparency for stakeholders in GPISD.

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