About Our School

  • HOPE Academy is a GPISD School of Choice located at Crosswinds High School. It has an enrollment of 120 students. The purpose of HOPE Academy is to assist overage eighth graders who were unsuccessful in a traditional middle school setting. HOPE academy provides an opportunity for at-risk overage eighth students to succeed in school by minimizing non-cognitive learning barriers, decreasing learning gaps, and increasing student decision-making and academic focus. The two groups of HOPE students are those repeating 8th grade, and those who are in 8th grade for the first time. HOPE provides a small school setting and low teacher-to-student ratio. Students are provided with a personalized learning plan and learn monitoring skills to stay focused on the tasks necessary to achieve success. The repeating 8th graders have the opportunity to earn promotion to 9th grade in the spring semester, or to earn at least 6 credits by the end of the year if they do not make the spring semester promotion. The first time 8th graders will benefit from attending HOPE because they can earn 2 elective credits before entering 9th grade the following year, and they have the opportunity to apply and be accepted to one of GPISD’s two Early College HIgh Schools (ECHS) – HOPE Academy students have 100% acceptance rate into ECHS thus far.