School Hours and Class Times

  • Dubiski Career High School operates with an eight period A/B Block Schedule, 8:50 - 4:15. Students attend four classes and an Advisory period daily. 

    The only bells at DCHS are at 8:45 am and 8:50 am.   When the time arrives to change classes, students and staff members will simply begin to move. Dubiski has a tardy system, but the expectation is that all DCHS students develop their professional skills and will be responsible with their time.

    1st/5th Period - 8:50 - 10:15

    2nd/6th Period - 10:20-11:45

    Advisory: 11:50-12:25

    3rd/7th Period - 12:30 - 2:30 (With Lunches)

    A Lunch: 12:30-1:00
    B Lunch: 1:05-1:35
    C Lunch:  1:40-2:10
    D Lunch:  2:15-2:45

    4th/8th Period - 2:50-4:15