• Mission Statement

    Grand Prairie High School will shatter barriers for all students, empowering and nurturing them to realize their full potential by providing culturally responsive, student-centered instruction.

    School Profile

    Grand Prairie High School Profile – English | Perfil de Grand Prairie High School – Español

    About Our School

    Grand Prairie High School (CEEB #442930) is a Title I campus that serves a middle to low-income community. The campus has accreditation from the Texas Education Agency and the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. The enrollment is approximately 3,100 students. Our curriculum focuses on rigorous college preparatory as an AVID National Demonstration Campus and includes our Early College High School, a school of choice program. GPHS prides itself on nine additional CTE Pathways that offer future success for all students in college, career, and military readiness including: 


    Law Enforcement

    Legal Studies

    Sports Medicine

    Construction Technology


    Education and Leadership Preparatory

    Digital Media Technology and Communications

    ECHS Nursing Academy

    GPHS operates on a 7-period schedule and a semester calendar.

    Colors:  Blue and White

    The Mighty Gophers

  • Alma Mater

    by GPHS Length: 1:09

    Alma Mater

    Here's to you whose name we cherish
    Ever in our song.
    Honor, love, and heart's devotion,
    All to you belong.
    Grateful sons our vows renew,
    And joyously we cry.
    Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
    Hail! Grand Prairie High!!!!

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  • Fight Song

    by GPHS Length: 1:09

    Fight Song

    All Hail to Grand Prairie High School
    Raise High Your Colors
    Blue and White-Fight-Fight
    Let's go you rough and ready Gophers
    We're going to win this game tonight
    Fight Fight on
    That good ole' Gopher spirit
    Thrills us-
    And makes us yell and yell and yell
    Go Blue!
    So fight hard you loyal sons of G.P. High
    We're going to beat them
    All to-
    Rough Stuff, Tough Stuff
    Grand Prairie High 

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