1902 Grand Prairie Schools established
    1904 Ten formal grades established
    1905 Construction of a 2-story building at 214 W. College
    1911 First graduated class completed high school program
    1951 Grand Prairie High School moved to 101 High School Drive
    1956 Gopher Bowl dedicated
    1963 H. H. Chambers Auditorium dedicated
    1990 GPHS remodeled
    2002 GPHS Ninth Grade Campus built on the west end of GPHS campus
    2004 Gopher Bowl upgrades completed
    2008 The SAC-Student Activities Center completed
    2008 The addition of the new Science wing completed
    2011 The SAC rededicated as the Col. Almond, M.D. 
    2011 Construction began on the H.H. Chambers Auditorium
    2012 Construction completed on H.H. Chambers Auditorium
    2013 Theatre rededication to H.H. Chambers/Keel Theatre
    2013 GP Fine Arts Academy moves into the GPHS Ninth Grade Campus and GPHS absorbs the ninth grade population 

    Grand Prairie High School (CEEB #442930) is a Title I campus that serves a middle to low income community. The campus has accreditation from the Texas Education Agency. The enrollment is approximately 2,500 students. The curriculum includes both college preparatory and career-readiness courses. GPHS offers seven Programs of Choice:  Center for Law and Public Safety, which includes Firefighter, Law Enforcement and Legal Studies, the Center for Sports Medicine, Construction Technology, Education and Leadership Training and Government and Public Administration.  (Please, visit the Programs of Choice tab on the Home Page for more detailed information.)  The campus also offers evening programs. Our special education program includes functional and CTED classes.

    GPHS operates on a seven-period day and a semester calendar. 


    The job of molding lives is a tremendous challenge. All students can learn when provided proper guidance and support from faculty and administration, effective and continuously evaluated curriculum, and a safe and orderly environment. Our entire staff stays focused and dedicated towards this end.


    Grand Prairie is a suburb of the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex, located in the northern part of Grand Prairie just south of I-30 between Beltline Road and 19th Street.


    The district built the present site in 1951. The district made upgrades and expansions to the original site in 1990 to accommodate approximately 2,700 students. Located on our campus is the H.H. Chambers/Keel Theatre, which seats approximately 740, the Turner Competition Gym, which seats approximately 3,000 and the Gopher Bowl football stadium, which seats approximately 9,500.  The Student Activities Center opened in 2008.


    Colors:  Blue and White


    The Mighty Gophers

  • Alma Mater

    by GPHS Length: 1:09

    Alma Mater

    Here's to you whose name we cherish
    Ever in our song.
    Honor, love, and heart's devotion,
    All to you belong.
    Grateful sons our vows renew,
    And joyously we cry.
    Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
    Hail! Grand Prairie High!!!!

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  • Fight Song

    by GPHS Length: 1:09

    Fight Song

    All Hail to Grand Prairie High School
    Raise High Your Colors
    Blue and White-Fight-Fight
    Let's go you rough and ready Gophers
    We're going to win this game tonight
    Fight Fight on
    That good ole' Gopher spirit
    Thrills us-
    And makes us yell and yell and yell
    Go Blue!
    So fight hard you loyal sons of G.P. High
    We're going to beat them
    All to-
    Rough Stuff, Tough Stuff
    Grand Prairie High 

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