• Student Textbook Request

    If you would like to check out a Textbook, see Mr. Provence in the Alex Main Office.
    Any questions, please contact, Mr. Provence at jeffrey.provence@gpisd.org

    It is very important that you and your student understand that you are responsible for all textbooks issued during the school year. Students will not receive their class schedule at SGPHS until their textbook record from the prior year is clear. Textbooks are very expensive, most costing $50 or more to replace. Be responsible in keeping close track of your property. Don't leave them in a teacher's classroom, and don't share lockers. Payment must be made for lost or damaged textbooks. State law provides that a district or school may withhold a student's records if textbooks are not paid for or returned. State law also provides that a student with an unclear textbook record forfeits the right to free textbooks until the lost textbooks are paid for or returned. Also, students who do not clear their fines/fees by the deadline will not have a schedule on the first day of school. Specific information on exemptions and textbook issues is given to students throughout the school year. Final decisions on these matters are made by the administrators of South Grand Prairie High School.