Physical Education


    Students will be involved in a wide range of physical activities that will encompass both individual and team sports. Units of instruction will include activities such as weightlifting and fitness, tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, softball, football, and basketball. Students will be expected to perform only at their own level. We will not compare students on a physical basis; rather, we will work to help each student realize a significant level of achievement by improving his knowledge of rules and skill level in each activity.

    Foundations of Personal Fitness (One-Half to One Credit)
    The Foundations of Personal Fitness course represents a new approach in physical education and the concept of
    personal fitness. The basic purpose of this course is to motivate students to strive for lifetime personal fitness with an
    emphasis on the health-related components of physical fitness. The knowledge and skills taught in this course include
    teaching students about the process of becoming fit as well as achieving some degree of fitness within the class. The
    concept of wellness, or striving to reach optimal levels of health, is the cornerstone of this course and is exemplified by
    one of the course objectives--students designing their own personal fitness program.


    Partner PE (One-Half to One Credit)
    This course is designed to promote an inclusive educational environment for special education students. Peer assistants
    help PE teachers to integrate students with developmental and physical disabilities into physical education programs.