• United States History Studies Since 1877 (One Credit)

    In United States History Studies Since 1877, which is the second part of a two-year study that begins in grade 8, students study the history of the United States from 1877 to the present. The course content is based on the founding documents of the U.S. government, which provide a framework for its heritage. Historical content focuses on the political, economic, and social events and issues related to industrialization and urbanization, major wars, domestic and foreign policies, and reform movements, including civil rights. Students examine the impact of geographic factors on major events and eras and analyze their causes and effects. Students examine the impact of constitutional issues on American society, evaluate the dynamic relationship of the three branches of the federal government, and analyze efforts to expand the democratic process. Students describe the relationship between the arts and popular culture and the times during which they were created. Students analyze the impact of technological innovations on American life. Students use critical-thinking skills and a variety of primary and secondary source material to explain and apply different methods that historians use to understand and interpret the past, including multiple points of view and historical context.


    United States History Pre-AP* (One Credit)

    This course will focus on United States history from 1860. In order to develop students’ research, analytical, and writing skills, an in-depth study of documents and other historical writings will be emphasized. AP strategies will be utilized to prepare students for an AP course in Social Studies upon completion of this course.

    This course must be used for state US History requirement. Additional outside reading assignments for this course may be required.


    Advanced Placement (AP) United States History (One Credit)

    Content requirements: Content requirements for Advanced Placement (AP) United States History are prescribed in the College Board Publication Advanced Placement Course in United States History, published by The College Board.

    Students will learn about the developments that have shaped U.S. history though the critical analysis of historical events and materials. They will learn to weigh evidence and interpretations as they build their factual knowledge of U.S. history. They will develop the ability to draw conclusions and use informed reasoning to present arguments clearly and persuasively in essay format.