• Principles of Architecture and Construction (One-Half to One Credit)

    Principles of Architecture and Construction provides an overview to the various fields of architecture, interior design, construction science, and construction technology. Achieving proficiency in decision-making and problem solving is an essential skill for career planning and lifelong learning. Students use self-knowledge, educational, and career information to set and achieve realistic career and educational goals. Job-specific, skilled training can be provided through the use of training modules to identify career goals in trade and industry areas. Safety and career opportunities are included, in addition to work ethics and job-related study in the classroom such as communications; problem solving and critical thinking; information technology applications; systems; safety, health, and environmental; leadership and teamwork; ethics and legal responsibilities; employability and career development; technical skills; introduction to hand tools; introduction to power tools; basic rigging; and reading technical drawings.

    This course is offered for pathway and non-pathway students.


    Construction Technology (One to Two Credits)

    Recommended for Grades 10-12 Prerequisite: Principles of Architecture and Construction

    In Construction Technology, students gain knowledge and skills specific to those needed to enter the workforce as carpenters or building maintenance supervisors or prepare for a postsecondary degree in construction management, architecture, or engineering. Students acquire knowledge and skills in safety, tool usage, building materials, codes, and framing. This course is offered for pathway and non-pathway students.