What Books are GPHS /ECHS Students and Staff Reading and Recommending?

  • Would you like to contribute a book talk to this page?  Look at the suggestions below, record your book talk, and submit to Mrs. Schooling.

    Consider the following elements that make up a good book talk but feel free to get creative:

    Book talks: 

    • Title and author (does the author have previous titles)
    • Length, format (for instance, is it a book in verse,) age of book
    • Is the book appropriate for everyone or does it contain sensitve content that a reader might want to know about?
    • Genre, awards and reviews
    • Brief summary
    • Your personal thoughts both positive and negative
    • Your own star rating system 
    • Sample reading from a page/paragraph that you think would persuade others to read it
    • Remember that even if your book isn't appropriate for everyone to read, your book talk should be safe enough for anyone to watch.


    If you want to record a book talk and you need some help, email Kyla Schooling