Vertically and Horizontally Aligned Curriculum

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    Curriculum is about:
    Communication - ongoing conversations
    Customization - making it your own
    Connections - within and across grade levels


5 E Model of Instruction

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    - Engage
    - Explore
    - Explain
    - Elaborate
    - Evaluate

Data-Driven Decisions

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       Data-driven decision making is about:
              - Collecting appropriate data
              - Analyzing that data in a meaningful fashion
              - Getting the data into the hands of people who need it
              - Using the data to increase school efficiencies and improve student achievement

Relational Capacity

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    Exploring and expanding classroom and campus relationships for greater student inclusion and performance

Intentional Leadership

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    Educators bringing innovation, increased student engagement, and higher-level performance at all grade levels

Visit What We Value

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    Time, energy, and effort dedicated to finding, increasing, and celebrating student achievement