• Make the Most of Middle School
    You might be thinking, "College is several years away. Why talk about it and prepare for it now?" To be college ready when you graduate from high school, you should be ready for your best effort on the first day you take a high school credit course. That means getting ready in middle school. Middle school is a time to get ready for high school and the education you will pursue beyond high school; and being ready for college keeps your options open so that you have more choices about life after high school. 
    Being College Ready  =  More Options
    Learn more as you explore the pages in the YMLA Be College Ready web section, talk with your parents, YMLA counselors, and teachers about your future, and visit with Mr. Randle or Ms. Campbell. We are here to help you know and do what it takes to be college-ready so that you have opportunities for the future you want.  
    To get you started ... during middle school, focus on skills you will need to excel such as critical reading, writing, problem solving, time management, study habits, and self-discipline. Develop foreign language skills - the earlier the better. Read! Read! Read! Reading can be a doorway to new knowledge and understanding, creativity and imagination, and stronger language and communication skills. So find books you like and read! Perhaps most importantly, learn from mistakes and struggles that you can handle a challenge and are determined to be and do your best. 
    To make the most of middle school: 
    check mark Take Challenging Courses
    check mark Explore Your Interests
    check mark Serve and Lead