Lady Gopher Basketball players and coaches, locked arms in a line on the court before the game.

Lady Gopher Basketball

  • 2018-19 Lady Gopher Basketball Schedule (Printable Version)

    Grand Prairie Lady Gophers

    Varsity, JV & Freshman


    Date                            Opponents                                                      9th/JV                           Varsity            Site

    Oct. 27                        Scrimmages                                                                           

    1. H. Adamson & J.J. Pearce 9:00a-12:00p               9:00a-12:00p   GPHS

    Oct. 30                        Scrimmages

    1. L. Turner & W. T. White                             6:00p-8:00p                 6:00p-8:00p     GPHS

    Nov. 2                          Irving Nimitz                                                   6:00                             7:30p               GPHS

    Nov. 8-10                    GP Classic Tourney                                         TBA                                                     GPHS

    Nov. 13                        R. L. Turner                                                     6:00p                           7:30p               GPHS

    Nov. 15-17                  Highland Park Tournament                                                                 TBA                 AWAY

    Nov. 15-17                  Sam Houston Tournament                             TBA                                                     AWAY

    Nov. 19                        North Garland   (Fine Arts Night)                   10:30a                         12:00p             GPHS

    Nov. 27                        Fossil Ridge                                                    6:00p                           7:30p               GPHS

    Nov. 30                        North Mesquite                                              6:00p                           7:30p               AWAY

    Dec. 4                          Lake Dallas  (CTE Night)                                 6:00p                           7:30p               GPHS

    Dec. 7                          Fort Worth Dunbar                                         6:00p                           7:30p               GPHS

    Dec. 11                        Lake Ridge                                                      7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Dec. 14                        Mansfield        (Math Night)                           7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS

    Dec. 18                        Cedar Hill                                                        7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY 

    Dec. 21                        Mansfield Summit      (English Night)                        7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS

    Jan. 4                           SGP                                                                 7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Jan. 8                           DeSoto                                                            7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS  

    Jan. 11                         Waxahachie                                                    7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Jan. 15                         Lake Ridge      (Science Night)                       7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS

    Jan. 18                         Mansfield                                                        7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Jan. 22                         Cedar Hill                                                        7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS

    Jan. 25                         Mansfield Summit                                          7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Jan. 28                         SGP                 (StuCo Night)                          7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS

    Feb. 1                          DeSoto                                                            7:30p                           6:00p               AWAY

    Feb. 5                          Waxahachie    (Senior Night)                         7:30p                           6:00p               GPHS