• Mission

    The Grand Prairie ISD Advanced Academics Program is committed to ensuring that our highest ability learners are challenged to meet their potential and that curriculum and learning opportunities are in line with their needs, interests, and abilities.

    Young Women's Leadership Academy offers a variety of Advanced Academics classes including Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment. Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement are open enrollment for students who are ready for challenging, rigorous coursework. Interested students should consult with a counselor. 

    Dual Enrollment courses are classes that earn high school credit and college hours for the same coursework.  For example, Dual Enrollment English gives credit for both English 4 and college Freshmen English.  Dual Enrollment is free and can be taken during the school year or as a summer course at the college. More information is available through the counseling offices.

    Advanced Courses and Programs of Study

    Pre-AP and AP Programs

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