Environmental Science Program

  • Jackson Middle School's commitment to encouraging and believing every student can succeed is the basis of the Environmental Science Academy at Jackson. The goal of the Environmental Science Academy is to produce literate, well informed environmental citizens. Students in the Environmental Science Academy learn through a variety of means and initiatives. In 6th Grade students participate in a curriculum rich with project based learning. In one project they will study heat flow and energy conservation in the context of student constructed model houses. Using state of the art thermal imaging technology, students will examine their structures for heat flow and efficiency, revise their model with different types and methods of applying insulation, and compare their new design to their previous one. The experience they gain in the scientific method, engineering design and prototyping will help prepare them for the 21st Century work force. In Grade 7 students are immersed in the Earth Force process. They learn how to become active participants in identifying, solving and documenting the effects of community based environmental issues. GPISD and Earth Force have formed a partnership and Jackson is part of the process of putting the partnership to sound academic use. In 8th Grade middle school students are enrolled in the Environmental Systems course. This course allows and encourages them to work at a rigor level normally reserved for high school. Upon successful completion of the Environmental Systems course, students will earn high school science credit. All students in Jackson's Environmental Science Academy will also undertake many community service based learning projects as well as working to incorporate environmentally friendly features into and outside of the Jackson building.

    Environmental Science and Principles of Agriculture

  • Killdeer

    A killdeer has built it's nest in one of our beds! Watch the video to see the protective display she performs to distract predators from the eggs. Can you see how she pretends to be injured and attempts to draw the videographer away from the bed? The killdeer call becomes louder the closer you move toward the nest!