Bilingual Programs

  • Our Bilingual Programs provide all students with the skills necessary to be fluent English speakers, readers, and writers in our diverse society. ESL classrooms in grades PK-12 utilize comprehensive English development methodologies and focus on a language acquisition approach to encourage English proficiency in the Bilingual classroom.  

Dual Language Model

  • The GPISD Dual Language Program is an additive bilingual education model starting at PK-5 which promotes bilingualism, biliteracy, and multicultural development. Bilingual Programs afford all teachers support by presenting effective, consistent, research-based staff development and training to meet the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of Bilingual/ESL and Dual Language students. We offer 2-Way Dual Language implementation.  

    The 2-Way model includes both native Spanish and native English speakers in the same classroom, both learning language through content (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math).  Dual Language validates and incorporates both languages in the curriculum and the school as a whole.

    Dual Language Enrichment Model – PK

    Two-Way Model

    These are the key elements of the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model Pre-K for both One-Way & Two-Way DLE Classrooms. A commitment to enriched education for all requires fidelity of implementation that includes challenging, interactive and authentic instruction for all participating students. To support short and long-term academic success of all students, the goal is to achieve grade-level bilingualism & biliteracy by the end of 5th grade.

    Language of Instruction (LOI)


    Reading/Language Arts

    Native Language (only time students are separated by L1)



    Social Studies





    Key Components of DLE Model for Language Development, Content Learning, and Enrichment

    Language of the Day (LOD): Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Spanish // Tuesday and Thursday: English

    ü  Validates both languages; followed throughout campus during specials, lunch, recess, etc.; Consistent review of vocabulary in LOD from classroom labels, student-generated alphabets, & WW’s Morning activities, Read-Alouds; Expressive Journal Writing; DEAR conducted daily in LOD



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    Dual Language Training Institute

    Dual Language Model/Instruction/Components