2018-2019 Select Groups

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    GFAA Select Group Contract (Print Version - PDF)
    Demerit System (Print Version - PDF) 


    Weekly Rehearsal Schedule  

    (Marseea Carthan and Adam Gaston, 4th and 5th grades, Mondays 3:50-5:00pm)

    The GFAA Archery Team will learn the fundamentals of archery to prepare them for middle school competition. The team will no longer be a part of the NASP program. Home tournaments will be during archery practice amongst GFAA archers. There are no fees involved. Bow and arrows are available. After students make the club, families may choose to purchase bows on their own.

    (Marseea Carthan, 4th and 5th grade girls and boys, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:50-5pm)

    Basketball students will practice the skills and fundamentals of basketball. There will be a few scrimmage games against other schools. Parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from the games. Students will be expected to come in T-shirts, Shorts or Jogging pants, and Tennis shoes. Members will need to have a club shirt. (approximately $15)

    (Landon Birge, 3rd - 5th grades, Mondays, 3:50-4:50pm)

    The GFAA Chorus is a vocal group for students who have a love for singing and a passion to communicate through song! Students will sing in the Fall and Spring Showcase, perform at the GPISD Experience and other events at Garner, as well as compete in choral competitions. Members will need a select group shirt and either black pants or jeans depending on our venue and show. ($10)

    (Annette Trammell, 4th and 5th grades, Tuesdays 3:50-5pm)

    This is a 2D advanced art group that creates a variety of artworks on paper and canvas. Students will create paintings, prints, and mixed-media pieces. Strongly recommended for students wishing to audition for art at Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy. Members pay a $20 supply fee and will need a select group t-shirt (approximately $10)

    (Kristin Daniels, 4th and 5th grade boys, Wednesday, 7:30-8:00am)

    This is a before school, boys only dance performance group. Students will train in and perform multiple styles, such as: hip hop, modern and jazz. Members will need a select group t-shirt (approximately $10), a pair of black jazz shoes (approximately $30 new) and are responsible for a costume cleaning fee ($35) to allow for the upkeep and restoration of all costumes used during the performance season.

    (Kristin Daniels, 4th and 5th grade girls, Tuesday, 3:50-5:15pm)

    This is a girls only dance performance group. Dancers will train in and perform multiple styles such as: modern, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. Members will need a select group t-shirt (approximately $10), a pair of black jazz shoes and black jazz pants (approx $75 new if not already owned). We will be ordering the same black leotard for each dancer at the beginning of the year, more info to come. Dancers are also responsible for a costume fee ($35) which allows for the upkeep and restoration of all costumes used during the performance season.

    Drum Club
    (Karen Becker, 5th, Fridays, 3:50-5:00)

    Drum Club is a high energy performance group that incorporates drumstick technique with unique drum tables and exciting choreography.  This group performs for community events as well as in school performances.  Members will need a club shirt and either black pants or jeans depending on our venue and show. (approximately $10)

    (Taylor Denney, 2nd and 3rd grade girls, Mondays 3:50-4:50 pm)

    This is a girls only dance performance group.  Students will perform in the community, as well as in GFAA student shows.  Parents will be responsible for purchasing specific dance attire, including a pair of black jazz shoes (approximately $20), black jazz pants (approximately $20), a black tank leotard (approximately $20), performance tights (approximately $10), a group t-shirt (approximately $10), and will pay a costume rental fee (approximately $35).  More information on dance attire to come once the audition process is complete.

    (Cynthia Beene, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, Fridays 3:50 PM - 5:00 PM)

    PlayMakers is a theatre group that will perform at both Showcases, and will also participate in acting exercises to further their performance skills.  This group is required to purchase the select group shirt ($10 for the shirt) and provide your own costumes and props for both Showcase performances.

    (Karen Becker, 5th only, Thursdays and Fridays 7:30-8:00am)

    The Ringers are made up of strong musicians that have proven their music reading skills and individual musicianship through Recorder Karate in 4th grade. Those students that passed a specific belt are automatically invited to be a part of this fantastic group.  Ringers play hand chimes much like handbells. This group is one of the groups that will go to a competition in the Spring.  Members will need a select group shirt and black pants or jeans depending on the venue and show. (approximately $10 for the shirt, and $21 for contest entry)

    Select Players
    (Kim Brentham, 5th only, Monday and Tuesday 7:30-8:00am)

    Select players are students that have been selected based on the highest score from their audition.  This is a competitive theatre group. Students will participate in Oral Interp tournaments at the district high schools.  The students will be competing against other 5th graders only.  These select students will also be working on and improving their audition skills by memorizing monologues, writing character analyses and having the opportunity to polish their auditions for Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy if they chose to audition. If time allows and schedules work we may do a One Act play performed for parents and peers.

    (Karen Becker, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, Mondays 3:50-5:00pm)

    ShowStoppers is a vibrant Show Choir!  We are looking for great singers that can sing, dance, and smile all at the same time!  This group is often invited to perform outside of school in the community.  ShowStoppers also attend a competition in Spring.  Members will need both a select group shirt AND a formal performance uniform. I provide certain parts to the formal uniform, and others you’ll need to order through me. (approximately $10 for the shirt, $21 for competition entry, and approx.$20 for boys uniform, and approx. $40 for girls uniform.)

    Sketch Up
    (Tanner Woodman, 4th and 5th grade, Tuesday, 7:30-8:00am)

    Students will develop their sketching abilities using original ideas as well as from direct observations. Students will compile a sketch book of their drawings and will learn how to turn their ideas into workable projects. Students will also have the opportunity to work on show props when available. Members pay a $20 supply fee and will need a select group t-shirt (approximately $10)

    Synthesis: A Piano Ensemble
    (Landon Birge , 2nd - 5th graders, Tuesdays 3:50-4:50pm, Fridays 7:30-8:00 am

    Synthesis will be made of students who are currently taking piano lessons. These students will need to be able to read music on their own, as well as practice outside of school hours. When performing, the students will do so in an ensemble setting. This will give students the opportunity to practice and refine their piece at home and experience making music together with the other members. We will have a recital each semester at GFAA where we will perform as a group and each student will perform their own individual piece. We will have a videographer during a taping session to capture the students performance. This gives us the ability to show closeups of the students during Showcase.  Members will need a club shirt, black pants or jeans depending on the performance, and sheet music. (approximately $15 total)

    Video Production Team
    (John Wilson, 4th and 5th grade, either Wed and Fri 7:30-8:00am OR during recess

    The Video Production team is made up of 4th and 5th grade students and will learn all aspects of recording, editing and publishing videos.  There will be two separate Video Production groups. One group will focus on the daily video announcements (meets during their recess time) and the other group will concentrate on recording special events (meets from 7:30-8:00 on Wednesday and Friday) ie…PTA performances, showcases and other special events. They will also enter and submit videos for various contests and competitions. To join this team you must complete an application as well as a face to face interview.