• GFAA 4th grade presents


    Thursday, February 28, 2019 


    Remember to send your child to school IN costume on Thursday.
    We have two shows that day as a dress rehearsal for the evening!


    There are 2 performances on Thursday evening.  To serve families the best we can, we have created 2 shows so you can watch your child with a little bit of elbow room in the audience!


    Speaking parts will perform in BOTH shows.


    There are a few details that will help this run smoothly. Please make sure you communicate this information to everyone that is planning on coming to our shows Thursday night.  


    The show will take place in our new cafe in the South building.  


    Show 1 (Hall, Zachery, Chastain, Rogers)

    Doors will open at 6:00.  Students will enter the south entrance (by the playground) and go to the fine arts rooms.

    Hall - Becker’s room

    Zachery - Beene’s room

    Chastain - Daniels’ room

    Rogers - Trammell’s room


    All students in the cast with speaking parts will sit in chairs inside the classroom that their homeroom teacher is assigned to in the fine arts hallway.  A chair will have their name on it!


    Audience seating is first come, first served. Do not save seats for large groups of people. 


    All Show 1 parents can come through the main south doors at the back of the building after you drop off your child.

    Show 1 begins at 6:30 and should last about 25 minutes.

    The students in the cast that perform in both shows will go backstage between shows.  We will ask all of the Show 1 families to get their pictures as quickly as possible and then clear the cafe so we can reset for Show 2.  


    If your child is performing in both shows, we will ask you to move to the right side of the audience seating area for show 2.  We would like to make sure we offer everyone an equal opportunity for great seats.


    Show 2 (Dotson, Hlad, Esquivel, Shaw)

    Doors will open to accept students and form a line for seating at 7:00.  The show will begin at 7:30. Students will enter the south entrance (by the playground) and go to the fine arts rooms.


    Dotson - Becker’s room 

    Hlad - Beene’s room

    Esquivel - Daniels’ room

    Shaw - Trammell’s room


    All Show 2 parents will come through the 5th grade hall (DOOR #12) after you drop off your child.  You will not be able to come in through the big South main doors until after Show 1 dismisses.  You will be forming a line (think Disney!) so that you get seats in the order you arrive.  There will be staff to help get you lined up through the 5th and 4th grade halls.  As soon as Show 1 clears out and the families staying for show 2 consolidate we will open the cafe for you to come in and find great seats!


     If you still have questions about costuming - see the notes posted on the Garner website.  And if those costumes listed are out of your reach at this time a solid black shirt and pant or solid white shirt with black pants is always a good base!   See you soon!


    - GFAA Fine Arts Dept.