Parent/Student Commitment Letter

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    Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute: Letter of Commitment

    The Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute is committed to creating a culture of excellence. This tradition is developed through a partnership with scholars, instructors, administrators and parents focused on the common goal of college readiness for all scholars.

    Scholars of GPCI are expected and agree to:

    • Finish all assignments and turn them in according to deadlines
    • Attend school everyday unless ill
    • Do their best every day and share information with their parents
    • Follow the school and classroom rules so that all can learn and be safe
    • Ask instructor(s) questions when they do not understand something
    • Seek tutoring when they feel they need more time with a subject/topic
    • Study and read every school night
    • Routinely talk to their parent(s) about school and its activities
    • Give their parents any notes/communication sent by the teacher and/or school

    Parents of GPCI are expected and agree to:

    • Monitor their scholar's academic progress & communicate with instructors on a regular basis about their scholar's progress
    • Attend a fall data meeting (Spring meetings may be called for those on academic probation)
    • Review scholar planner nightly (6th & 7th grade); weekly (8th & 9th grade); as needed all other levels
    • Attend college night and four parent universities. There will be no less than 5 parent universities offered
    • Be an active participant in school activities: Parents are expected to sign up for no less than one committee of his/her choice.
    • Routinely talk to their scholar about school and its activities
    • Encourage good study habits and reinforce good behavior at school
    • Attend school activities
    • Monitor scholar attendance and make every effort to ensure their scholar is at school every day
    • Ensure their scholar eats healthy foods and gets enough sleep

    GPCI faculty and staff are expected and agree to:

    • Provide engaging experiences that produce learning
    • Encourage a positive self-concept in all scholars
    • Keep parents informed about progress and/or concerns
    • Identify techniques and materials that work best for scholars
    • Support the parents
    • Attend school activities
    • Support high academic standards
    • Use proven research based strategies to help all scholars meet their academic potential
    • Remain steadfastly professional
    • Provide support and instructional direction to both scholars and parents
    • Provide a healthy and safe environment for the scholar and teacher in which to teach and learn
    • Support high academic standards
    • Encourage school and home-learning partnerships
    • Support a collegial and collaborative school environment
    • Support professional development that promotes the best practice standards

    As a GPCI scholar and parent, we understand:

    • In order to enroll in GPCI, scholars are required to have "met standard" at level II on the prior grade level STAAR/EOCtest in each content area and are expected to show growth on all future STAAR/EOC assessments.
    • Pre-AP courses at GPCI are college-prep courses designed to prepare scholars for the challenges of AP and dual credit classes and are graded accordingly. AP courses at GPCI are college-level courses and the course work completed will be graded at the college level.
    • Every GPCI scholar enrolled in an AP course is expected to take the AP exam. The same premise will hold true for Project Lead the Way Courses (PL TWJ, UT On Ramps, and other course exams.
    • Dual credit courses are college courses taught by college inst rudo rs and will be graded according to the university standards and expectations. A college syllabus is a binding document for a college course, and as such a scholar's success depends in large part to his/her ability to pay close attention to all the details outlined by the syllabus.
    • Grades from high school credit Pre-AP/AP courses taken at GPCI during grades 6-8 will follow high school grading procedures/policies and will begin the scholar's high school transcript and high school grade point average (GPA).
    • The college transcript starts with a scholar's first college class, and grades from dual credit classes will appear on the high school and college transcripts.
    • Pre-AP, AP, and dual classes are designed with the advanced learner in mind, giving scholars many opportunities to do rigorous work at a more accelerated pace and to think more deeply about topics and issues. Extensive outside reading assignments, research and/or projects are to be expected in all GPCI classes. Summer assignments will be required in all core classes, and scholars will be held accountable for meeting the summer assignment deadlines.
    • Making a failing grade in any GPCI course may jeopardize a scholar's inclusion in the program. Scholars may be suspended from entering or taking an AP or college course, may be removed from the program all together, or may be required to take steps to recover credits to continue.
    • Scholars are responsible for working with their counselor/advisor to track their own progress towards high school graduation and towards entrance into a college/university while enrolled in GPCI, as well as progression into their chosen college or university upon graduation from GPCI. It is a scholar's responsibility to keep parents informed of their progress.
    • Honor Code: GPCI scholars are expected to do their own work on projects and assignments and to complete their work in a timely manner.
    • Scholars create and pledge commitment to a social contract. As they are all active participants in its creation, they will all be held to its standards.

    Scholar Commitment:

    I have read the expectations of being a scholar at Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute and agree to make the commitment to complete college prep and college level courses to the best of my ability. I understand that this is a full year commitment and I will stay dedicated to the program in the fullest during this time. I will commit myself to using self-discipline and self-control. I understand that the Program has been designed to meet the needs of those scholars that desire a challenging curriculum that prepares them for advanced study. I understand that I will be required to maintain a positive attitude and willingness to work and organize my time. I will notify my instructor immediately if I fall behind in class readings or assignments. I.will commit and follow through with any academic and discipline intervention plan deemed necessary for my success. I understand that acceptance into GPCI is an invitation to work hard, to excel in all that I do, and to reach my full potential in every regard. I understand that the adults around me represent a support network, but my success ultimately rests in my hands.

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    Parent Commitment:

    I have read the expectations of being a parent at Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute and agree to help my son/daughter organize study time in support of class assignments. I will provide encouragement and support in this educational experience. I will notify the teacher immediately of any concerns that I have relating to my child's progress. I understand that this is a full year commitment and I will stay dedicated to the program in the fullest during this time. I understand the acceptance into GPCI for my child is an invitation to work hard, to excel and strive to reach his/her potential. I agree to work with my child in the home environment to aid in their overall success. Finally, I understand that I am expected to meet all of the parent requirements with regard to active participation in the school environment (required meetings/parent universities).

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