• Power in GPISD Public Schools

    As principals, teachers, cafeteria, custodial and transportation staff, superintendents, and numerous other support staff members, we see the incredible things that happen on our campuses. Every day we see students overcoming obstacles, exceeding expectations, mastering skills, and thinking outside of the box, becoming lifelong learners, growing up to be kind and productive citizens in their communities and achieving their BIGGEST dreams.

    We will be sharing these amazing things GPISD students are accomplishing in the classroom and after graduation through our "Power in GPISD Public Schools" campaign. Keep an eye on the #IAmGPISD hashtag on social media to follow these stories. 

    Do you have a child or grandchild that went through or is currently attending Grand Prairie ISD schools that you would love to brag about? Do you have a GPISD alumni working for you and making your business better because of it? Are you a former GPISD student contributing in great ways to your community? Do you have a testimonial about how the schools in GPISD have positively affected your or your community? Tell us all about it by sending an email to webmaster@gpisd.org -- include a picture if at all possible.