Competition Corner

  • Parents,

    Marshall Leadership Academy is asking each of our students to take part in some kind of competition throughout the year. In the Competition Corner, you will find links to the various competitions presented on the morning announcements. In each of these competitions, parental consent must be given and winners will be awarded prizes.

  • rick

    Ranger Rick's Your Best Shots
    Students can submit a photo they have taken in nature. (ex. plants, animals)
    Pre K - 13 yrs.
    No Deadline


    rubber band

    Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors
    Students can submit one invention or one piece of artwork that incorporates one rubber band.
    5th - 8th Grade
    March 16, 2016




    Molecules Ask a Question
    Students can ask one question about molecules.
    Submit online.
    PreK - 17 yrs.
    March 31, 2016


    time machine

    U.S. Kids Art Contest
    Your child can create one piece of artwork on unlined paper. 8 1/2 x 11"
    PreK - 12 yrs.
    February 27, 2016



    National Museum of Education Student Ideas for a Better America
    Your child can submit their great invention or a new way of doing something.
     PreK - College 
     No Deadline 

    The Library of Congress Letters About Literature
    Students can write a letter to an author of a book, poem, or speech that affected them personally.
     4th - 12th Grade
    January 11, 2016

    Stone Soup Magazine Writing and Art Contest
    Your child can submit illustrations or a story online or by mail.
    13 yrs. or younger
     No Deadline

    kids crafts
    Free Kids Crafts Craft Contest
    Your creative child can create one original craft project that could be made with common craft items.
    Any Age
    No Deadline

    Engineer Girl Essay Contest 2016
    Your child can write an essay about a new technology and think of the possible problems.
    3rd - 12th Grade
    February 1, 2016
  • toyota

    Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
    Students can create one work of art that shows what their car would look like in the future.
    PreK - 15 yrs.
    February 1, 2016



    Recycling Is Bigger Than the Bin
    Your child can create a poster showing how to recycle an item to large for a bin.
    K - 5th Grade
    December 18, 2015



    Daughters of the Republic of Texas Poster Contest
    Students can create one poster about the history of our district.
    K - 5th Grade
    December 14, 2015 



    Adventure Write Kids Totem Head's Story Contest
    Students may submit a story starting with the words, "So I was there...".
    It should be written for kids.
    Under 19 yrs.
    December 31, 2015



    The America Library of Poetry Free Student Poetry Contest
    Your child can submit a 20 line, original poem. Your poem can be on any topic and most styles of poetry.
    3rd - 12th Grade
    No Deadline




    Youth for Human Rights Creative Competitions 
    Your child can submit poetry, an essay,  or a piece of art the addresses the theme  "What Are Human Rights?" 
     Under 18 yrs.
    December 1,  2015 

    Monthly Fire Safety Contest

    Monthly Math Competition

    Geographic Bee
    Resources for parents and students.
    Spring 2016

    Spelling Bee
    Resources for parents and students.
    Spring 2016