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    A Certification Program that will make you a Strong Teacher on Day One

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    A 6-month, paid student teaching experience prepares you to be a strong teacher on Day 1! The program is a “grow your own” pathway to teaching in specific content areas, in specific partner districts, and powered by Texas Tech University.

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    Earn a certification in secondary-level mathematics, science, or Spanish.

    Alternative certification has increasingly become the pathway of choice for many teachers in Texas. Although there are quality options, the vast majority of alternatively certified teachers enter the classroom with minimal training and even less support leaving them to figure out the complexities of teaching all alone. This option is quick, but it is costly to the school district, the achievement of students and the career of new teachers.

    In partnership with Texas Tech University, school districts have designed a better way. Pursue alternative certification in secondary-level mathematics, science, or Spanish to become a strong teacher on Day 1!

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    Information for Candidates Regarding Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT)

    Register for the PACT content certification exam

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