Seniors 2019 class logo of Gopher popping through the looney tunes target. Says Seniors 19 adventures.
  • MAY 24th: Graduation Rehearsal.
    12:30pm at The Theatre at Grand Prairie.

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  • MAY 24th: Senior Picnic.
    5pm - Waggoner Park.

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  • MAY 25th: Graduation 2019!
    3pm at The Theatre at Grand Prairie.
    Seniors arrive and line up by 2pm.

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    Class of 2019 Important Dates 

    Senior Panoramic Picture               April 29th 
    Senior Awards                                May 7th (7 p.m. in Chambers)
    Cinco De Mayo Parade                    May 4th (10 a.m., downtown Grand Prairie)
    Senior Field Day                             May 8th (in SAC)
    Prom at Texas Live                         May 10th (7 p.m. - 12 p.m. / Tickets now $120 through May 3)    
    Senior Final Checkout                     May 15th                                                                          
    Senior Breakfast                             May 20th (8 a.m. in the cafeteria)
    Senior Walk Rehearsal                    May 20th (10 a.m. in Chambers)
    Geep Court                                      May 20th (2 p.m. in Turner Gym)
    Senior Walk                                     May 20th (7 p.m. in Chambers)
    Senior Sunset Yearbook Signing     May 21st (7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Gopher Park Baseball Field)
    Graduation Rehearsal                      May 24th (12:30 p.m. at The Theatre at Grand Prairie. Seniors park by the fence near the back and enter through the backstage area. Each graduate will receive 10 tickets.)
    Senior Picnic                                    May 24th (5 p.m. - 8 p.m. at Waggoner Park. Ticket lottery at 6:15 p.m.) 
    Graduation                                      May 25th (3 p.m. at The Theatre at Grand Prairie. All seniors must arrive and be lined up at 2 p.m. Students receive diploma immediately after the ceremony. Must have ID, but no
                                                                             purses. Find a location to meet with family after the ceremony because graduates will exit from the backstage area. 

    Graduation Dress Code for Graduates:

    There is no place to store anything during the ceremony. You will not be able to see your parents before graduation to hand them items. Leave any and all items that you carry elsewhere!


    MALE ATTIRE · All must wear a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. · No jeans, shorts, or T-shirt of any type will be allowed. · Clothing with any pictures or wording will not be allowed. · All must wear dress shoes or nice boots with socks. · No athletic shoes, no flip-flops, no sandals and no house shoes (slippers) will be allowed.

    FEMALE ATTIRE · All will wear a nice dress, top and skirt, or dressy pants outfit under the academic gowns. · No jeans or T-shirts of any kind will be allowed. · Clothing with any pictures or wording will not be allowed. · Low heeled shoes or flat shoes are suggested. · You must wear your graduation shoes to graduation practice! · No flip-flops, house shoes (slippers), or athletic type shoes will be allowed.


    Cap and Gown

    Be sure and try on both the Cap and Gown as soon as possible to ensure they fit properly.

    The cap will be worn with the top of the cap as flat as possible- Not at an angle. Do not alter (Bling up or write on) the cap or Gown! Ladies may use bobby pins to secure the cap.

    The gown needs to be pressed (free of wrinkles) and neat. Caution: Use iron on low heat.

    Please take the gown out of plastic wrapper and hang as soon as you get home.

    The tassel will be worn on the right side of the head and moved to the left after the graduates cross the stage.



    All graduates will be required to be in the staging area no later than 2:00 p.m. Arrive early to allow time to park. The Theatre at Grand Prairie policy: There will be signs, no bubbles, bells, beach balls, frisbees, horns or other paraphernalia that will distract or disrupt the ceremony. Students that have disruptive items may be removed from the line. All students will act in a dignified manner before, during, and after the ceremony.



    All graduates who are inappropriately dressed will be sent home to change. There will be no exceptions.

    Any toys etc. will be confiscated. Students bringing these items will have their diplomas held.

    Any student acting out, either on the stage or while on the graduation floor will have their diplomas held. Diplomas that are withheld will not be released until there has been a hearing regarding the conduct.