• Alternative Energy

    Alternative energy, by definition, is any source of energy that doesn't use fossil fuels.

    You have probably also heard of renewable energy sources, which can often be the same as alternative energy sources. While alternative energy is pretty much anything but fossil fuel, renewable energy comes from natural processes that replenish themselves. They also tend to be clean energies that don't pollute.

    There are several forms of alternative energy. Our students learning will focus on solar energy and wind energy. Students will learn that using solar energy and wind energy helps the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. This reduction of pollution also helps our environment.

    Our students will study how solar energy helps us in the following ways:

    • Students will learn how solar panels can be used as another source to gain energy for power.
    • Providing power to animal habitats outside
    • Tracking the solar energy produced daily, weekly, and monthly.

    alternative energy