Junior Cadet Corps

  • Building Stronger Leaders Inside and Out

    Truman Middle School is proud to expand its opportunities for student achievement and leadership through the National Middle School Cadet Corps (NMSCC). Through the implementation of the Cadet Corps curriculum, students will experience new learning and strategies that will prepare them for college and career opportunities in STEM, humanities, business, the service industry and more.

    Program Goals:

    • Develop leadership and build character
    • Create informed, patriotic, and responsible citizens
    • Develop responsible young adults who are physically, mentally, and morally fit
    • Develop informed and civic-minded young adults prepared for higher education, civilian   careers, and public service
    • Instill structure, respect, and responsibility through challenging activities

    Learning Objectives:

    During the course of the school year, the student will have the opportunity to learn the following knowledge and skill objectives:

    • Individual rights, responsibilities, privileges, and freedoms that underline good citizenship for constituted authority
    • Leadership potential and the ability to live and work cooperatively with orders
    • The ability to think logically and to effectively communicate orally and in writing
    • The importance of a well balanced diet and physical training in maintaining good health
    • An understanding of the history, purpose, and structure of JROTC
    • Basic military skills, such as drill and ceremony, first aid, and map reading
    • Citizenship, as it pertains to American culture and its future
    • Knowledge of the dangers of substance abuse
    • The importance of goal setting and positive thinking
    • Personality traits
    • Teamwork and group dynamics
    • Community services